The Sun - Two Speed - Jul 11 2019

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Clues Answers
A spicy style of cooking CAJUN
A team needs order in principle AXIOM
About thirty days for Louisianian CAJUN
An ego shattered in Italian city GENOA
An informal toast bottoms up
Angel needs hour to stop fiendish malice MICHAEL
Ascend CLIMB
Assumed truth AXIOM
Badger in barn again NAG
Bar serving food BRASSERIE
Cattle thief RUSTLER
Clubs member to rise CLIMB
Coaster starts to move against tide MAT
Egyptian peninsula SINAI
European nation ITALY
Everyone in picture gets an onion SHALLOT
First Bible book GENESIS
Floor covering MAT
Good to have a rant in car repair shop GARAGE
Guzzling girl draining double coffee outside LADETTE
Has an effect on IMPACTS
Heavenly herald GABRIEL
Hits puck then turns IMPACTS
Holy messenger a gerbil savaged GABRIEL
Is having to reflect about poor treatment MISUSE
Japanese fare SUSHI
Laity troubled in Catholic country ITALY
Landowner one in fat suit LAIRD
Clues Answers
Language TONGUE
Largest primate GORILLA
Last drink? Cheers! bottoms up
Layer shifted in advance EARLY
Loutish female (informal) LADETTE
Male name MICHAEL
Mishandling MISUSE
Money taken by lake restaurant BRASSERIE
Music from agent turned up in state ball CALYPSO
Offence and fine where law handed down SINAI
Orange vegetable CARROT
Petrol seller GARAGE
Premature EARLY
Reported revolutionary soldier as beastly sort GORILLA
Rip jute tailored for huge body JUPITER
Salad vegetable SHALLOT
Scold NAG
Scots estate owner LAIRD
Seaport in Liguria GENOA
Some spinach on cheesy snack NACHO
South American greeting for Asian dish SUSHI
Start rock band GENESIS
Stocktaker? RUSTLER
Tissue in one's mouth? TONGUE
Tortilla chip NACHO
Vehicle to break down in plant CARROT
West Indian ballad CALYPSO