The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,099 - Jul 10 2019

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Clues Answers
A head for drink? NOGGIN
Acceptable habit? DRESSCODE
Advance policy for prosperity SUBSTANCE
Apply flexible rate at home after parking PERTAIN
Check second highest point STOP
Civil servant chap needing bravery for the most part MANDARIN
Dream of one US soldier cutting hair IMAGINE
Filming spectators in range SHOOTINGGALLERY
Frustrate man's right to change HAMSTRING
Governments succeeded after endless diet REGIMES
Have one's home under old tree OLIVE
Head off everybody to the south of Arden, perhaps FORESTALL
Landscape flats SCENERY
Limits of arguments against accepting penalty CONFINES
Little noise from lamb heard where one might get drink MINIBAR
Clues Answers
Low temperature is subject to debate MOOT
Makes ends meet and marries SPLICES
Mean to eat half of rare fish STINGRAY
Number with cast had something to eat NOSHED
Quietly distributing another book of the Bible that describes the Virgin Birth PARTHENOGENESIS
Quota of beds from council ALLOTMENT
Rising star keeping northern women in order NUNS
Ship carrying cargo of rubbish bands STRIPES
Signals sent out before party producing such a musical effect GLISSANDO
Son must be attached to short pants BRIEFS
Star needing equipment and meals regularly RIGEL
Stick with point developed -- that's common sense GUMPTION
Turning around after Conservative openness CANDOUR
Understanding and looking for missing king SEEING
Whip, when grasped by left hand LASH