The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,260 - Jul 10 2019

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Clues Answers
Boats generally heading off crude one RAFT
Charlie about to attract scorn CONTEMPT
Copies answers about scan? REPLICATES
Dodgy character entering party politics TYPO
Encourage short sprint SPUR
Express sympathy for game player CONSOLE
Front part of fridge appropriate space to chill FRIGHTEN
Hallucinations about church as source of strength TRICEPS
How the Red Arrows fly low-down INFORMATION
I represent flourishing small businesses ENTERPRISES
It's senseless using words in a particular way mother rejected IDIOTIC
Life form succeeded in roaming erratically ORGANISM
Make appearance before proctors initially leading to decline PRECEDE
Mediocre stuff in more naive government policy GREENPAPER
Clues Answers
Minor injury in cop shop NICK
Missed date with Rose STOODUP
MPs seen to exercise gumption COMMONSENSE
Old rock band -- act with riff throbbing TRAFFIC
One missing from heart of defence getting forward for football team? ALBION
Paradise? PS: Liberal welcomed AFTERWORLD
Place for changing key-pad? LOCKERROOM
Pronounced views anger Old Testament prophet ISAIAH
Quickly fly in it all over the place NIFTILY
Rush work with computers -- change paper again REEDIT
Security provided by fine legal officer BAILIFF
Small tip of tooth causing irritation TITCHY
They may make jams and preserves -- dip spoon in BOTTLENECKS
Top golfer means to make the cut more than once? SCALPELS