Universal - Jul 10 2019

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Clues Answers
"And there you have it!" VOILA
"I'm unimpressed" MEH
"Present" or "potent" lead-in OMNI
"The Time Machine" race ELOI
"Warrior" actor Nick NOLTE
37-Down subunit ERA
A shooting star supposedly grants one WISH
Actor/musician Jared LETO
Bay at the moon HOWL
Berry that's a superfood ACAI
Big bag TOTE
Case of the ___ (low spirits) BLAHS
Cologne feature SCENT
Crossword's basis, usually THEME
Dance design, informally CHOREO
Delete ERASE
Dens and nests HOMES
Energy OOMPH
Ethiopian's neighbor SOMALI
Fayed who dated Princess Diana DODI
Game-match connector SET
Give the slip EVADE
Government investigation PROBE
Grand EPIC
High regard ESTEEM
Highway turnoff EXIT
Hit with dodgeballs PELT
How pastrami is often served ONRYE
Hype up TOUT
Impudence SASS
In unison ASONE
Island known for its big-headed statues EASTER
It doesn't stop a mail carrier RAIN
Japanese I.T. powerhouse NEC
L.A.'s Miracle ___ MILE
Lap dog TOY
Lead person in the Middle Ages? ALCHEMIST
Like good pop songs CATCHY
Clues Answers
Luxury boats YACHTS
Mentor to Luke OBIWAN
Openly gay OUT
Oxidizes RUSTS
Palm projection FROND
Part of a yard INCH
Part three of the warning ARECONDEMNEDTO
Part two of the warning REMEMBERTHEPAST
Peace Prize city OSLO
Pet care org SPCA
Physical locations? EXAMROOMS
Relative of a Tony OBIE
Rent out LET
Salmon species COHO
Sand hill DUNE
See 63-Across ITIT
See 63-Across ITIT
Shut-eye REST
Singer Lovato DEMI
Sound boosters AMPS
Start of a very literal warning THOSEWHOCANNOT
Study while under the gun CRAM
Suitcase-scanning grp TSA
Supportive garment BRA
Talk drunkenly SLUR
The Biggest Little City in the World RENO
Things broken by errant baseballs PANES
This many is a crowd, to Isabel TRES
TMZ interviewee CELEB
Vast time period EON
Venison, e.g MEAT
With 64- and 65-Across, end of the warning ITIT
Word on a gift tag FROM
Yet to be realized UNMET
___ and sciences ARTS
___ insult to injury ADD
___ Lanka SRI