- Jul 10 2019

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Clues Answers
''. . . that __ flag was still there'' OUR
According to PER
Actor McKellen IAN
Astound STUN
Athlete's knee protector PAD
Australian bird EMU
Be very fond of ADORE
Brewpub selection ALE
Briny expanse SEA
Camel's Andean kin LLAMA
Candy bar nut ALMOND
Capital of Vietnam HANOI
Common Italian male nickname SAL
Computer fodder DATA
Connection points NODES
Cooking vessels POTS
Deceptive trick HOAX
Difficult to find RARE
Drives too fast SPEEDS
Erupted BLEW
Fade away DIEOUT
Fellow MAN
Felt concern CARED
Fireplace residue ASH
Fly high SOAR
For all to hear ALOUD
Got together METUP
Gull cousins TERNS
Hoofbeat sounds CLOPS
Hospital scan letters MRI
Ignited LIT
Italy's fashion center MILAN
Kid's plastic bricks LEGOS
Lay eyes on SEE
London's Westminster __ ABBEY
Mammal with wings BAT
Metal-plated, as some trucks ARMORED
Minstrel's stringed instrument LUTE
Molecule parts ATOMS
Clues Answers
Money of India RUPEE
Mouth the lyrics LIPSYNC
Neither here __ there NOR
Nest-building stinger WASP
Not yet LATER
Nourishment FOOD
Numbered composition OPUS
Numbered rd RTE
Paddled boat CANOE
Pay attention to HEED
Pay hike RAISE
Pita sandwich GYRO
Plants of a region FLORA
Plush carpeting SHAG
Poetic tribute ODE
Prefix meaning ''nerve'' NEURO
Protagonist HERO
Raw mineral ORE
Ringed with an angel's light HALOED
Sewing tools NEEDLES
Side-to-side measure BREADTH
Silent show of approval NOD
Slow music tempo LENTO
Slow, high throw SOFTLOB
Spherical roofs DOMES
Tabby or Siamese CAT
Table linens NAPKINS
Talk too much YAP
Tasting like granola bars OATY
Tiny cracker fragment CRUMB
Title for an earl LORD
Unadorned BARE
Unhealthful haze SMOG
What an adjective modifies NOUN
Wild guesses SHOTS