Wall Street Journal - Jul 10 2019 - Change of Direction

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Clues Answers
'Beowulf,' for one EPIC
'Frozen' queen ELSA
A long time AGES
American League MVP of 1923 RUTH
Ancestry diagram TREE
Aware of ONTO
Awed sound GASP
Bamboozles CONS
Bandmate of Crosby and Stills NASH
Bandmate of Michelle, John and Denny CASS
Bartlett alternative BOSC
Beaver Wars participants ERIE
Brewpub offerings ALES
Brews for Adam and Eve? TEASOFEDEN
Bupkis NADA
Chopper spot HELIPORT
Clog, e.g SHOE
Combination conjunction ANDOR
Continental capital EUROS
Cry in a pool game MARCO
Customary USUAL
Drink of the gods NECTAR
Drug-free CLEAN
FaceTime alternative SKYPE
Film festival movies based on 'Ratatouille'? STEWINDIES
Firestone product TIRE
Food pyramid section FATS
Good, but not great OKAY
Has a duty OUGHT
High morals IDEALS
Hindi honorific SRI
Instagram action SHARE
Jack up HIKE
Japanese pasta UDON
Kind of 28-Down or 57-Down FLAT
Kokoskov who coached the Phoenix Suns IGOR
Litmus reddener ACID
London local BRIT
Clues Answers
Make blank ERASE
Novice video gamer NOOB
Outpatient outlay COPAY
Place to release your aggressions? SHOUTPARK
Pope who convinced Attila to turn back his invasion of Italy STLEO
Prompt CUE
Protection provided by a snug belt? GIRTHGUARD
Pub perch STOOL
Puma purchase PAIR
Pundits GURUS
Response to 'I just...' DIDYOU
Reuben's mother LEAH
Sand viper's home SAHARA
Sauna wear TOWEL
Scholarship basis NEED
Scratchy sound RASP
Screening org TSA
Senate staffers AIDES
Senegal's capital DAKAR
Ship's body HULL
Sierra Nevada Torpedo, for one IPA
Singer with numbered albums ADELE
Single opportunity? ATBAT
Some marbles AGATES
Son of Padme and Anakin LUKE
Sonata on the street, e.g AUTO
Spotted SEEN
Start for gram or logical IDEO
Support structure for climbing roses? THORNPOLE
Tolerate ENDURE
Tries to get a rise out of BAITS
Two-tone predator ORCA
Venn diagram circles represent them SETS
Village leader ELDER
What a stuffed animal sits on? FELTBEHIND
Yoga pals for some, nowadays GOATS
Yukon maker GMC