Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Jul 27 2019

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Clues Answers
'Caught ya!' AHA
'Good evening, Henri' BONSOIR
'There!' TADA
'— Karenina' ANNA
Actors who upstage SCENESTEALERS
Arthur of 'Maude' BEA
Away from WSW ENE
Back talk LIP
Bakery treat PASTRY
Bath bar SOAP
Boxer Norton KEN
Cabin component LOG
Church furniture PEWS
Close NEAR
Computer debut of 1998 IMAC
Consume EAT
Cupid's specialty AMOR
Done with OVER
Doubtfire or Dalloway MRS
Easy targets SAPS
Floral garland LEI
Former Nevada senator Harry REID
Fresh ANEW
Gas container TANK
Genesis shepherd ABEL
Group character ETHOS
Gypsy Rose — LEE
Hamlet's love OPHELIA
Help a hood ABET
Inlet COVE
Irish actor Stephen REA
Clues Answers
Lincoln nickname ABE
Luanda is its cap ANG
Mag. staff EDS
Mexican money PESO
Mixed metal ALLOY
Montmartre Mrs MME
Moray, for one EEL
Napkin's place LAP
Nebraska tribe members OMAHAS
Notion IDEA
Now, on a memo ASAP
Overcharge for tickets SCALP
Panache ELAN
Perry's creator ERLE
Persian bigwig SHAH
Prolonged sleep COMA
Rationed (out) METED
Rock's Brian ENO
Showbiz job GIG
Slender woodwinds OBOES
Swearword OATH
Talent KNACK
The Big Easy acronym NOLA
Tizzy SNIT
Trail the pack LAG
Trench PIT
Vagrant HOBO
Vegas opener LAS
Vocal quality TONE
Wooden pin PEG
X-ray doses RADS