The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 27398

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Clues Answers
Adapt without guile, given time inside otherwise ALTERNATIVELY
Aficionado jumping over arched structure fan vaulting
Ant-bear’s way to board a Bible rescue boat AARDVARK
Barrow corporation bully regularly going to America TUMULUS
Be sick, spitting out fermented beer? AIL
Composer and Arctic explorer in one ROSSINI
Crazy, Gershwin accepting allotment by lake IRRATIONAL
Devise principle inspiring a key royal dynasty PLANTAGENET
Drink thrown up by hotel close at hand NIGH
Former partisan’s uniform stolen from the solver’s chest YORKIST
Fruit and wine consumed by two-thirds of withered old women CITRON
Go round and reportedly fork out for permit BYPASS
Journalist finally in a rush to produce copy? TRACING
Mean girl given ring by boy BETOKEN
Minor initially lacking in vision SLIGHT
Clues Answers
More eager, longing to replace first European cooker KITCHENER
Mr Fawlty familiarly adopting a South African title BAAS
Nurse got ruffled? Something fishy here STURGEON
Old coin identified by woman on radio SOU
Old queen keeping horse and wild ass ONAGER
Part of stock maybe supplied by papa and others? PETAL
Peter Rabbit’s head is more secure SAFER
Produce notes about indifferent lecture SCOLDING
Raptor’s way to get into vessel crossing river KESTREL
Servant’s argument at home? DOMESTIC
Smothering resistance, recklessly pays up for ancient document PAPYRUS
Supreme commander lives with short man by common GENERALISSIMO
Unscrupulous lawyer invested in trashy stereo SHYSTER
Vandalised city’s plea for discipline SPECIALTY
Writing mostly about one’s antibiotic PENICILLIN