New York Times - Jul 8 2019

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Clues Answers
$$$$, on Yelp PRICY
'For Better or for Worse' mom ELLY
'I swear!' NOLIE
'Veni, ___, vici' VIDI
'You got it now?' SEE
*Alternative to a brush when coating the side of a house PAINTGUN
*Basketball position for Magic Johnson or Steph Curry POINTGUARD
*Darts and snooker PUBGAMES
*Level on the military wage scale PAYGRADE
*Roast accompaniment prepared with drippings PANGRAVY
*Shade akin to olive PEAGREEN
*Sorority types who go out a lot PARTYGIRLS
*The Beach Boys or Backstreet Boys POPGROUP
1970s tennis champ Nastase ILIE
1980s tennis champ Ivan LENDL
Al who created Li'l Abner CAPP
Almost any offer that's too good to be true SCAM
Amusement FUN
An emoji may suggest it MOOD
Applauds CLAPS
Chatting online, in brief IMING
Colorado summer hrs MDT
Company that pioneered the U.P.C. bar code IBM
Consumer products giant, for short ... or a hint to the answers to the eight starred clues PANDG
Counting-off word EENIE
Creature that leaves a slimy trail SNAIL
Daytime or Primetime awards EMMYS
Dig into work GETGOING
Doozy LULU
E. B. White's '___ Little' STUART
Enveloping glows, old-style AURAE
Eugene O'Neill's '___ Christie' ANNA
Fence in PENUP
Foolish, informally GOONY
Frees (of) RIDS
Glenn of the Eagles FREY
Hellmann's product, informally MAYO
Help with a crime ABET
Clues Answers
Holler YELL
Lavish meals FEASTS
Letter-shaped fastener UBOLT
Like choir music SUNG
Lock securer HASP
Marching halftime crews BANDS
Marx's collaborator on 'The Communist Manifesto' ENGELS
Mom's mom NANA
Mom's mom, for short GRAN
North Pole resident SANTA
Oksana ___, 1994 Olympic skating wonder BAIUL
One of 12 in Alcoholics Anonymous STEP
Player in front of a net GOALIE
Prefix with cultural AGRI
Prepared, as dinner or a bed MADE
Rhyme scheme for Robert Frost's 'Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening' AABA
Robe in old Rome TOGA
Run-down area GHETTO
School event with a king and a queen PROM
See 33-Across HILL
Single-stranded genetic molecule RNA
Somewhat INPART
The 'A' of U.A.E ARAB
The 'U' of I.C.U UNIT
Things coiled on the sides of houses HOSES
Toyota hybrid PRIUS
Tylenol target PAIN
Uncouth person BOOR
Unwanted stocking stuffer COAL
What an email filter filters SPAM
What may precede Chapter 1 in a novel PROLOGUE
What sailors and beachgoers breathe SEAAIR
With 44-Across, onetime British slapstick comic BENNY
Writer Anaïs NIN
___ and crafts ARTS
___ del Rey, Calif PLAYA
___ Field, former home of the Seattle Mariners SAFECO
___ O's (breakfast cereal) OREO