The Washington Post Sunday - Jul 7 2019

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Clues Answers
''Cause ___ like us, baby we were born to run' (Springsteen lyric) TRAMPS
'It's not a big deal' ILLLIVE
'Killing ___' (Sandra Oh spy drama) EVE
'See if you can hear it!' LISTEN
'The Trial of God' playwright Wiesel ELIE
'The ___ Girl in the World' (Maude Julien memoir) ONLY
'Viva Maria!' co-star Jeanne MOREAU
'Where the Sidewalk Ends' writer Silverstein SHEL
'___ Quiet on the Western Front' ALL
100 percent accurate SPOTON
111 Across designer Jimmy CHOO
1994 SNL-based film nominated for five Razzies ITSPAT
2016 Rihanna album with the hit 'Work' ANTI
Alfalfa tidbit SPROUT
AP physics subject? ATOMICPOWER
Avocado and lime, e.g HUES
Bananagrams or Scrabble piece TILE
Basilica aisle NAVE
Basis of a lawsuit TORT
Beatles classic inspired by a dream Paul McCartney had about his mother, Mary LETITBE
Betrayed terror PALED
Bird given on the seventh day of Christmas SWAN
Blowhard's problem EGO
Break down emotionally SOB
Bronze element TIN
Cause of pop-ups ADWARE
Central courtyards ATRIA
Christmas character ELF
Constellation near Virgo LEO
Conversationally slick GLIB
Coral formations ATOLLS
Creator of Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy LOUISA
Cuddling on a park bench, e.g PDA
Curtain holder ROD
Debt notice IOU
Departure document? WILL
Deserted locale, maybe ISLE
Doc's diagnostic tool MRI
Doesn't break down LASTS
Drilling detritus SAWDUST
Due (to) OWING
Ejecta from an eruption LAVA
Emission from a duoplasmatron IONBEAM
Emulate Odie DROOL
Eschewed modesty BRAGGED
Ethicist's principles IDEALS
Exercise portmanteau TAEBO
Exhibit derision for HOOTAT
Exploited laborer PEON
Express confidently AVER
Facilitate ENABLE
Fireworks noise BOOM
First option PLANA
For kicks ONALARK
Four-time Pro Bowl quarterback Tony ROMO
Friar character in 'Robin Hood Daffy' PORKY
Fuel brand with a torch in its logo AMOCO
Genetic attributes TRAITS
Gesture underneath the mistletoe KISS
Gillibrand, Harris or Warren, e.g SENATOR
Glass on 119 Down IRA
Got out ASAP RAN
Green egg producers EMUS
Group of allied states BLOC
Hack's lack TALENT
Hair color of the Muppet Beaker ORANGE
High tennis shots LOBS
Clues Answers
Historian's focus ERA
Hoopla ADO
Ice cream parlor items CONES
IM-offering service AOL
Item pitched by NBA and WNBA stars SHOE
Jazz pianist McCann LES
Jump ___ (fright technique in films) SCARE
Kids' song quintet EIEIO
Lao Tzu's 'way' TAO
Least frequent RAREST
Like some clown faces, in some tropes SAD
Like the entrants in many piano competitions AMATEUR
Loose antonym TAUT
Macrogametes OVA
Makes less burdensome EASES
Mayor's domain TOWN
McCarthyist epithet COMMIE
Meat ___ (dish served in 'Sweeney Todd') PIE
Messy space STY
Miss Muffet fare, partly WHEY
Model home resident? DOLL
Moon seen on 'Frasier' DAPHNE
Most definite SUREST
Moves forward PROPELS
MPG-rating org EPA
Occurs afterward ENSUES
One for whom agony creates ecstasy SADIST
Org. profiled in Steve Coll's book 'Ghost Wars' CIA
Organic compound used in polymers ETHENE
Overplay HAMUP
People people? IDOLS
Pick, in November ELECT
Pigmented membranes IRISES
Pizza joint appliance OVEN
Place for a lace EYELET
Planets, e.g ORBS
Plants, as seeds SOWS
Poppy field? BOTANY
Provided with for a bit LENTTO
Reagan speechwriter NOONAN
Red star, once PETEROSE
Ronan the Accuser, to Captain Marvel FOE
Saskatchewan native CREE
Scandinavian saint OLAF
See 53 Across ALPHABET
Sentimental sign-off LOVEYOU
Set down LAY
Singer of an Adele song at karaoke night, often ALTO
Soup kitchen servings HOTMEALS
Source of the 'White Lies' podcast NPR
Squirrel away SAVE
State of being fresh NEWNESS
Stick-y structure? NEST
Suffer, as an injury SUSTAIN
Supply by a hotel swimming pool TOWELS
Supreme Court's first Italian American justice SCALIA
The Cars bassist Benjamin ORR
Title nun of a 2013 film IDA
Unlike this clue number ODD
US military members? UNIONSOLDIERS
Vehicle on snowy roads PLOW
Very upset TORNUP
What the mechanical bird Bubo resembles in 'Clash of the Titans' OWL
With 84 Across, PA system? PHONETIC
World Cup cheer OLE
Wranglers' gear LASSOS
___ deprivation tank SENSORY