The Sun - Two Speed - Jul 7 2019

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Clues Answers
Aggressive trading hard sell
Arboreal creature LEMUR
Aromatic herb SPEARMINT
Ballroom activity DANCING
Biting insect GNAT
Cat family shows self-respect PRIDE
Catholic dignitary CARDINAL
Churchman disturbed clan raid CARDINAL
Completely ALL
Corruptly shared pounds in ruthless dealing hard sell
Depart LEAVE
Deserve MERIT
Distant RAF coming back out far-off
Dominant mountain a height to climb ALPHA
Drink sent back by the French primate LEMUR
Dull to sing with percussive accompaniment HUMDRUM
Dupe or patsy (informal) fall guy
Everyone in local luncheonette ALL
Food thickener GELATIN
Gangling LANKY
Girl denied introduction creates atmosphere AURA
Girl, European, stretching across ASTRIDE
Great desire suspended by monarch HUNGER
Greek letter ALPHA
Haul girl up as dawdler LAGGARD
Helsing finally beat back bloodsucker GNAT
Hooter Italians might blow? roman nose
House these military guards SEMI
Clues Answers
Inhabits DWELLS
Lion group PRIDE
Lives comfortably in Dumfries outskirts DWELLS
Male name IAN
Masculine MALE
Month on beer for bloke MALE
Need for food HUNGER
Noise, good, keeps Mandela's party swinging DANCING
One falling behind LAGGARD
One missing a worker made to go inside ABSENTEE
Prominent facial feature roman nose
Remote far-off
Scapegoat no man for all seasons? fall guy
Scotsman in Moravia now IAN
Setter for example rejected old language GELATIN
Singular fruit with perfect flavour SPEARMINT
Small home (abbr.) SEMI
Star losing power gives snarl ENTANGLE
Straddling ASTRIDE
Surrounding glow AURA
Tedious or routine HUMDRUM
Twist together ENTANGLE
Value in tax with millions raised MERIT
Very tall new king welcomed in ballad LANKY
Wax light CANDLE
Wicked thing? CANDLE
Will makes exit LEAVE