Universal - Jul 5 2019

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Clues Answers
"Challenge accepted!" ITSON
"Do the Right Thing" pizzeria SALS
"I'm on board," on board AYE
1969-74, politically NIXONERA
2001 Jennifer Lopez hit IMREAL
2017 film about a figure skater ITONYA
Actress Ward SELA
Affirm AVOW
Aircraft with powerful cameras SPYPLANE
Alexandria's region (look down at the 3rd square!) NILLTA
Alexis of "The Handmaid's Tale" BLEDEL
Alters a Wikipedia page, say EDITS
Big ___ Country (Montana) SKY
Bit of sunshine RAY
Blunt and Bronte EMILYS
Box-office flop BOMB
Breakfast dish cooked with a timer (look down at the 8th square!) SOFTBOILGGS
Call at a net LET
Carefree BLITHE
Cat's warning SSS
Comment to one who almost drops something valuable NICESAVE
Court figs DAS
Cousin of Inc LLC
Dadaist Jean ARP
Desire YEN
Dish featuring a long fish PICKLEDEEL
Dr. of rap DRE
Dragged to the repo lot TOWED
Early anesthetic ETHER
Entwined romantic symbol LOVEKNOT
Finales ENDS
Fired AXED
Gamblers' woes DEBTS
Give off EMIT
Got a C, say PASSED
Grainy pictures? SANDART
Greek X CHI
Clues Answers
Gun-seizing org ATF
Gung ho AVID
Half of a Wonderland duo TWEEDLEDEE
Hard construction cylinder STEELROD
Hippie shirt style TIEDYE
It might come after turkey PIE
Jackman in Hollywood HUGH
Let out, as a line UNREEL
Makes a mess of TRASHES
Moved like Bugs HOPPED
Mystery writer John Dickson ___ CARR
Not emphasize an article's main point, or a hint to this puzzle's theme BURYTHELEDE
One spreading garbage LITTERER
Part of UNLV LAS
Pitchers' cold treatments ICEWRAPS
Pride initials LGBT
Property owner's document (look down at the 4th square!) TITLED
Raison d'___ ETRE
Read a blog without commenting LURK
Rochester's love of fiction EYRE
Sarge's superior LOOIE
School support grp PTA
Scottish terriers CAIRNS
Stephen of "V for Vendetta" REA
Tend to, as one's business GOABOUT
Thomas Hardy heroine TESS
Tinder meetups DATES
Total guess STAB
Triage locales, for short ERS
Unaffected NATURAL
What weightlifting takes EFFORT
Winter traction aid SNOWTIRE
___ E. Coyote WILE
___ in the machine COG
___ machine SLOT
___ Wafers NILLA