New York Times - Jul 5 2019

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Clues Answers
'Doesn't concern me' ASIFICARE
'Me neither' NORI
'Nobody ever told me,' e.g LAMEEXCUSE
'Not true!' THATSALIE
'Project Runway' cable channel BRAVO
'___ Death,' movement from 'Peer Gynt' ASES
A-listers STARS
Activity for which you need a fair amount of wiggle room HULA
Ad time filler, for short PSA
Addition to a compost pile RIND
Addressees of valedictories GRADS
Anklebones TALI
Back in again RETROCOOL
Back problem SPASM
Be highly regarded RATE
Big name in Deco design ERTE
Bit of punditry OPED
Cause of typos, humorously FATFINGER
Clean lightly, as a floor DRYMOP
Concerning INRE
Contend ARGUE
Cry at a surprise birthday party HIDE
Daffy Duck, notably LISPER
Deposits in some banks SILTS
Equally distant ASFAR
Fernando or Felipe, once REY
First American film in which a toilet is heard being flushed PSYCHO
Former Houston hockey team AEROS
Gives away to a better home, in a modern coinage FREECYCLES
Good earth LOESS
Gum-producing plant GUAR
Half of an interrogation team BADCOP
High point APEX
Clues Answers
Hipsteresque, in a way ARTY
Illustration, for example: Abbr SYN
Large quantity RAFT
Like bonds designated AAA SAFEST
Like the role of Albus Dumbledore after the second Harry Potter movie RECAST
Listings in a travel guide SITES
Little mischief-makers PIXIES
Messes around (with) TOYS
Metal in a junk heap SCRAPIRON
Metaphor for penthouse suites AERIES
Mimic's skill APERY
Neighbors of Estonians LETTS
One making a living by pushing drugs, informally PHARMAREP
One who gives a lot of orders DAYTRADER
One who hates heights ACROPHOBE
Openly confident UNSHY
Poindexter DWEEB
Pull a fast one on SCAM
Rush home? FRAT
Shut (up) COOP
Sound evidence? AUDIOTAPE
Sources of cashmere GOATS
Stay with a friend, say SLEEPOVER
Store discount come-on ONSALENOW
Struck out DELED
Synthetic fiber, for short POLY
Take two RETRY
Touch of color TINCT
Turn back REPEL
What areology is the study of MARS
Where a stud might go LOBE
Word with nursing or training BRA
___ fusion (cuisine) ASIAN
___-Turkish War (post-W.W. I conflict) GRECO