New York Times - Jul 4 2019

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Clues Answers
'Great job!' BRAVO
'That. Was. A. Blast!,' concisely? BESTIMEVER
'The Raven' monogram EAP
4/ APR
A long stretch AGES
Aid in tidying up the house DUSTMOP
Aloe ___ VERA
Aplomb POISE
Astrological creation HOROSCOPE
Breach GAP
Bump in a ski run MOGUL
Calendario commencer ENERO
Campaign-supporting grp PAC
Cantina snacks TAPAS
Cartoonist who created Fearless Fosdick CAPP
Cavity revealer XRAY
Christina on Rolling Stone's list of '100 Greatest Singers of All Time' AGUILERA
Civil defense measure, concisely? AIRAIDRILL
Count in Lemony Snicket books OLAF
Dark periods, in poetry EENS
Defense alliance from 1954 to '77 SEATO
Department store staffers PRICERS
Dinar spender SERB
Dry cleaner's challenge SPOT
Fifth Avenue concern SAKS
Figure skater Midori ITO
First name in 1950s comedy DESI
Four-time World Cup champion ITALY
Garage services TOWS
How a tie may be broken, for short INOT
Illuminated eerily, perhaps UPLIT
Just because ONAWHIM
Lao-tzu and others TAOISTS
Make a polite visit, concisely? PAYOURESPECTS
Clues Answers
Make an evasive maneuver ZAG
Musical instrument whose name means 'three strings' SITAR
No longer either hot or cool? PASSE
Not fooled by ONTO
Number of countries between los Estados Unidos y Colombia OCHO
Old Roman course ITER
Olympic champion Ohno APOLO
One of the Obamas SASHA
Pair in a salsa band MARACAS
Part of a spread ACRE
Place to wear a tuxedo PROM
Planets and moons ORBS
Recollection of something that just happened, concisely? SHORTERMEMORY
Relative of a foil EPEE
River to the Bering Sea YUKON
Showing amazement AGAPE
Silo filler, in brief ICBM
Small songbird TIT
Somers or Winters ACTRESS
Southernmost active volcano on earth EREBUS
Sp. titles SRAS
Sports standout ALLPRO
Squaresville UNHIP
State bird of Minnesota LOON
Taken off FLOWN
Tesla ___ COIL
Tiny amount TAD
Title based on the name 'Caesar' TSAR
Tranquil SERENE
Wall St. news IPO
Watt or knot UNIT
Whale constellation CETUS
With an ___ the future EYETO
___ good example SETA
___ Shah Pahlavi, former leader of Iran REZA