L.A. Times Daily - Jul 3 2019

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Clues Answers
"Amscray!" SCAT
"Cool" sum MIL
"Cracked __ View": Hootie & the Blowfish debut album REAR
"Get __ it!" OVER
"Here's what I think," in texts IMO
"How tragic" ITSSAD
"Jeepers" EGAD
"__ No Sunshine": Bill Withers hit AINT
Accept a proposal SAYYES
Actor McGregor EWAN
Aha moment remark ISEE
Appear to be SEEMSO
Apropos APT
Austen novel that inspired the film "Clueless" EMMA
Back-seat driver, e.g NAG
Batter's rough patch SLUMP
Best type of situation WINWIN
Bogus SHAM
Calamine target ITCH
Cartoon boy voiced by Nancy Cartwright BARTSIMPSON
Chinese book of divination ICHING
Coffee brewing choice DRIP
Colorful Danish blocks LEGOS
Comedian Carvey DANA
Desk drawer items PENS
Donkey ASS
Eponyms of seven planets GODS
Exactly TOATEE
Exiled Roman poet OVID
FDR agency NRA
Fleeces ROBS
Frittered away WASTED
Hammer heads PEENS
Hampton __ INN
Having cabin fever ... and a hint to this puzzle's circles STIRCRAZY
Hershey toffee bar SKOR
Hoping to make it home ONBASE
Improve AMEND
Clues Answers
It may be a stretch LIMO
Kenyan tribe MASAI
Lament loudly SOB
Letters in a BOLO alert AKA
Like one who errs? HUMAN
Like some earrings CLIPON
Like some mysteries UNSOLVED
Madre's hermana TIA
Major artery AORTA
Make a contribution DONATE
Make a move ACT
Midmorning time TEN
Mullet or mohawk HAIRSTYLE
Münster mister HERR
Neighbor of 23-Across NED
Novelist Morrison TONI
Old King or Nat King COLE
One of a collegiate octet IVY
One of many that begin with "Honk" BUMPERSTICKER
Overwhelm SWAMP
Partners' legal entity: Abbr LLC
Party game inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame in 2015 TWISTER
Pear type BOSC
Personal bearing MIEN
Pinto-riding sidekick TONTO
Pitcher's spot? CAMPSITE
Prefix with "-phyte" NEO
Prosecutors: Abbr DAS
Quench SLAKE
Seasoning blend from Maryland OLDBAY
Shamelessly bold BRAZEN
Skin care brand NIVEA
Tech gurus ITPROS
Texas or Ukraine city ODESSA
The Beatles' "__ Just Seen a Face" IVE
Tons of, casually LOTSA
Trait transmitter GENE
Where attorneys Darrow and Bryan faced off SCOPESTRIAL