Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Jul 23 2019

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Clues Answers
'As I see it,' in a text IMO
'Frozen' snowman OLAF
'Shark Tank' network ABC
A Great Lake ERIE
A Marx brother HARPO
Alpha follower BETA
Ballot marks XES
Biblical boat ARK
Bicycle support KICKSTAND
Borneo ape, for short ORANG
Bribes of a sort KICKBACKS
Catch some z's TAKEANAP
Challah unit LOAF
Comes to WAKES
Corn Belt state IOWA
Curator's focus ART
Director Kazan ELIA
Dog biscuit shape BONE
Earth SOIL
Espionage org CIA
Exhausted BEAT
Fade away WANE
Film fragment CLIP
French article LES
French assent OUI
Goose egg NIL
Goya's duchess ALBA
Gumbo veggie OKRA
Harvard rival YALE
Hawaiian coast KONA
Clues Answers
HST follower DDE
Incursion RAID
It's a dyeing art BATIK
Knight's address SIR
LAX info ETA
Leg joints ANKLES
Lobbying org PAC
Lock opener KEY
Model's runway CATWALK
Norwegian seaport OSLO
October birthstone OPAL
One who fights with fists and feet KICKBOXER
Pear type BOSC
Pro votes YEAS
Profound DEEP
Rage IRE
Read quickly SCAN
Role in 'Evita' JUAN
Scarce RARE
Sharif of film OMAR
Small battery AAA
Sugar or starch, for short CARB
Thailand's capital BANGKOK
That guy's HIS
Trio after H IJK
Turf SOD
Used the oven BAKED
Very long time EON
WWII servicewoman WAC
Yale students ELIS