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Clues Answers
'60s Pontiac muscle car GTO
'How dumb of me!' DOH
'I know! Pick me!' OHOH
'No —!' ('Sure thing!') PROB
'Such a pity' TOOBAD
'The Zoo Story' playwright Edward ALBEE
'Trauma: Life in —' (old TLC series) THEER
'Vice' airer HBO
'— -Dick' MOBY
'— be an honor' ITD
'— Mia' (Abba hit) MAMMA
1989 Disney princess ARIEL
2007 Disney princess GISELLE
Above, to bards OER
Add a letter before that to spell .. CLASSYITEMSOFNECKWEAR
Add a letter before that to spell .. COLLAPSIBLEBEDS
Add a letter before that to spell .. GLASGOWDWELLERS
Add a letter before that to spell .. EXTRANFLPERIODS
Add a letter before that to spell .. THEWASTELANDPOETELIOT
Add a letter before that to spell .. ATHLETICANIMALS
Alveolar trill, as in Spanish speech ROLLEDR
Asinine SILLY
Aviation branch of the military AIRARM
Bergen dummy Mortimer SNERD
Big fusses ADOS
Bird beak BILL
Boot part TOE
Bozo OAF
Brand of tea TAZO
Bride-to-be's clothing drawer HOPECHEST
C-3PO, e.g ROBOT
Cantina chip NACHO
Capitol's top DOME
Close amigo COMPADRE
Composer Prokofiev SERGEI
Connery of film SEAN
Dejected LOW
Dems' rival GOP
Dog's yap ARF
E-giggle LOL
En — (as one) MASSE
Env. insert LTR
Essen 'a' EIN
Foliage unit LEAF
Former Israeli PM Golda MEIR
Fruity, sourish dessert LIMEPIE
Germ killer in a can LYSOL
Gettysburg victor George MEADE
Great traits ASSETS
Grown gal WOMAN
Guitarist Barrett SYD
Guzzled, e.g DRANK
Gymnast Korbut OLGA
Hay fever explosion SNEEZE
He married Lucy DESI
Hidden mike WIRE
Hot stretch SUMMERTIME
Ill-gotten gains PELF
In direct confrontation HEADON
In snazzy clothes NATTY
In the manner of ALA
Intense ache CRAMP
Italy's Villa d'— ESTE
Jacob of social reform RIIS
Levi's fabric DENIM
Clues Answers
Like King Atahualpa INCAN
Long stretch AEON
Longtime soap actress Hall DEIDRE
Lumberjack, at times AXEMAN
Macaroni shape ELBOW
Main artery AORTA
Media biggie PRESS
Metric 'thousandth' MILLI
Mild cheese EDAM
Moor growth MOSS
Movie dancer Charisse CYD
Movie mogul Marcus LOEW
Nickname of Onassis ARI
Novelist Jaffe RONA
Old-time actress Dolores DELRIO
Onetime ring king ALI
Orbit, e.g PATH
Org. with putters PGA
Ovine sign ARIES
Pear, apple and quince POMES
Perfect little kid ANGEL
Phyllis' last name on the old sitcom 'Phyllis' LINDSTROM
Popped up AROSE
Real introvert LONER
Really ruffle UPSET
Really ruffle IRK
Rent check collector LESSOR
Rival of FedEx UPS
Seat of Hawaii County HILO
See 2-Down OFF
Sharif of 'Che!' OMAR
Shimmery gem OPAL
Stanley Cup gp NHL
Studio tripods EASELS
Subject ISSUE
Subjects TOPICS
Sway to and — FRO
Swiss peak ALP
Tabby cries MEOWS
Tank slime ALGAE
Tennis great Jennifer CAPRIATI
Tennis great Monica SELES
The Cowboys, on a sports ticker DAL
They may fly at half-mast FLAGS
Thus far ASYET
Tofu source, to Brits SOYA
Tonto player Johnny DEPP
Traffic noise TOOT
TV's Greene or Michaels LORNE
Two before X VIII
Two-pronged vehicle FORKLIFT
Uniform liquid suspension homogenate
Univ. division DEPT
Uplifting spiritually EDIFYING
Vehicles near igloos SLEDS
Water quality org EPA
Well-spoken FLUENT
Wet-weather headgear RAINHAT
Wildebeest GNU
With 6-Down, yield a profit PAY
Yarn units SKEINS
Young — (toddlers) UNS
Zend- — (Zoroastrian scripture) AVESTA
— -Ball SKEE
— -chic (hippie-inspired fashion) BOHO
— Yello (soft drink) MELLO