USA Today - Aug 21 2019

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Clues Answers
'A jug of wine . . .' poet Khayyam OMAR
'American Hunter' org NRA
'The Pink Panther' crook JEWELTHIEF
'Tiny Bubbles' singer DONHO
'What time?' WHEN
'You can say that again!' AMEN
Anna of 'The Emoji Movie' FARIS
Around the corner, say NEAR
Arsenal supply AMMO
At the limit, with 'out' MAXED
Benioff who founded Salesforce MARC
Blacken on the grill SEAR
Breadcrumb carrier ANT
Car buyer's need, often LOAN
Catchall category OTHER
Cato or Nero ROMAN
Colorful carp KOI
Cookout site PATIO
Cornfield measure ACRE
Creative spark IDEA
Cry out loud BAWL
Crystal ball user SEER
Dory's animated friend NEMO
Dry-erase marker filler INK
Durango automaker DODGE
Everyday article THE
Evian competitor FIJI
Fare displayers METERS
Fashion designer Klein ANNE
Flames of the past EXES
Goes on the lam FLEES
Grandma Moses genre FOLKART
Gump, to Hanks ROLE
Had down cold KNEW
Home run, slangily TATER
In the manner of ALA
Inuit activity opposed by animal rights activists SEALHUNTING
Jif competitor PETERPAN
Joins with an alloy SOLDERS
Clues Answers
Lake north of Akron ERIE
Level or plane TOOL
Like epic movies LONG
Like fireplace logs SAWN
Like some cafe dining ALFRESCO
Like water in a baptismal font HOLY
Loss-of-a-ball flub TILT
Low spirits SORROW
MacFarlane of 'American Dad!' SETH
Many email attachments PDFS
Met highlights ARIAS
Multivitamin unit PILL
Musical events FESTS
National park worker RANGER
Nip or sip TASTE
One creating a wake BOATER
One of 10, for a kegler FRAME
One on a trail HIKER
Original sin site EDEN
Pacific food fish also called a 'humpie' PINKSALMON
Pair on an ostrich's foot TOES
Photo finish result, sometimes TIE
Polished off EATEN
Ponderosa trio SONS
Prefix with knock or lock ANTI
Pure and simple UTTER
Said no to DENIED
Shopping mall features MAPS
Shot that may have topspin LOB
Show impatience on the road HONK
Slimy pod OKRA
Spuds state IDAHO
Steakhouse choice TBONE
Sushi roll topping ROE
The Duke of Sussex PRINCEHARRY
Unidentified Jane DOE
Wayfarer's stopover INN
Winter road hazard ICE
Yard boundaries FENCES