The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 8006

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Clues Answers
Bitter, pungent ACRID
Cowardly YELLOW
Distressed, perturbed TROUBLED
Flag; rank ENSIGN
Forerunner PRECURSOR
Fuel transporter oil tanker
Inflamed RED
Iraqi port BASRA
Large lizard IGUANA
Love deeply ADORE
Make wider BROADEN
Minor noble BARON
Model of excellence PARAGON
Parachute SKYDIVE
Clues Answers
Period of time YEAR
Renter of a property LESSEE
Sad; colour BLUE
Side in chess BLACK
Slightly drunk TIPSY
Spanish artist GOYA
Stiff paper CARD
Surprised, astonished AMAZED
Swimmer's air tube SNORKEL
Taking everything into account OVERALL
Thin straight bar ROD
US currency DOLLAR
Wrapped in cloth SWADDLED