The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 27,862 - Jul 2 2019

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Clues Answers
'Noble Love': Dior's ultimate sun blocker VISOR
A politician opens shelter for bottom dweller HALIBUT
American rock band missing the openings DOORS
Artist preserved by mean fish! STINGRAY
Bird — try moving back to front RHEA
Blood types associated with small muscles ABS
Check recipe appropriated by cook BRAKE
Cool monster bananas at the core INNERMOST
Emission — tax to the limit EXHAUST
Employ a drawing technique scheme HATCH
Hood taking gamble round about the end of Prohibition BONNET
Insolent manner of singer Smith knocking off piano duet badly ATTITUDE
Iron Duke's hierarchical inferior, a media tyrant PRESSBARON
Large body needs serene old hat UNCOOL
Light that was painful got rid of snake WIND
One telling stories about Grand Union's first governor REGULATOR
Overindulgent type who gives the game away SPOILER
Clues Answers
Oxford mule? SHOE
Polish end of Grimsby port RUBY
Port, in difficulty, relocates TYRE
Puts a match to offal LIGHTS
Republican traitor dipped into Green's account NARRATIVE
Rest day song LIED
Revolver with tilt WHEEL
Searching appraisal makes one drunk cite DTs ACIDTEST
Sports event officials opening course STARTERS
Stones, on the loose, needing new guard SCREEN
Tell me your modus operandi in a difficult situation HOWDOYOUDO
Temperature settings protecting a very old ruin HAVOC
Tradesperson put in the spotlight again on getting a rise TILER
Unnamed duck could be anything at all OUGHT
Vital energy versus wine CHIANTI
Wilful, per se, Ted's one to put his foot down SPEEDSTER