Canadiana - Jul 1 2019

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Clues Answers
1st letter, Greek alphabet ALPHA
A way to speak PRATE
Alberta hamlet GEM
All together UNISON
Arrow tip poison URARI
B.C. Mountain ICE
Big rig SEMI
Black-backed gull COB
Breath mint CERT
Bridge SPAN
Bronte heroine EYRE
Cable sports net TSN
Camp bed COT
Cluck of disapproval TSK
Common coin PENNY
Constrictor BOA
Federal economic org DREE
Friable soil LOAM
Hearing aid? EAR
Heart CORE
Home, to Conchita CASA
Intended MEANT
Jetty PIER
Lowly MEAN
Luminary NOTABLE
Mariners TARS
Middle East desert SINAI
Milky gem OPAL
Naval garb MIDDY
Needle fish GAR
Negative NO
Clues Answers
Newfoundland point GRANITE
No, in Aberdeen NAE
None NIL
Ontario town DIAMOND
Ontario town COBALT
Pouch SAC
Printer's concern EMS
Proximate NEAR
Quiet! HUSH
Reverberation ECHO
Roman household God LAR
Royal monogram ER
Saskatchewan lake SALT
Shaft speed meas RPM
Sixties drug, for short LSD
Space GAP
Space agency NASA
Stitched SEWN
Supply weapons ARM
Swiss river AARE
Syringe HYPO
That is, for short IE
The _____one GREAT
Toronto, for short TO
Tractor maker DEERE
Vibrate SHIMMY
Wanderer GIPSY
Young eel SNIG
Your, arch THY
____City, MB CRYSTAL
_____River, Ontario CHALK
_____stone Lake, MB LIME
_______Rapids, Ontario CORAL