- Jul 1 2019

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Clues Answers
''Do unto __ . . .'' OTHERS
''Hey, over here!'' PSST
''Look, I did it!'' TADA
''Now it's clear'' ISEE
''So long!'' TATA
''Why would __ to you?'' ILIE
A smaller amount LESS
Amazing newcomer, informally PHENOM
And others: Abbr ETAL
And so on: Abbr ETC
At any time EVER
Barely passing grades DEES
Beginning of a play ACTI
Big striped cats TIGERS
Bit of land in the ocean ISLE
Black-and-white cookie OREO
Book of maps ATLAS
Camel-back features HUMPS
Car horn sound BEEP
Catches a glimpse of SPOTS
Cinnamon and nutmeg SPICES
Cole __ (shredded cabbage) SLAW
Container for cooking meat loaf BAKINGDISH
Corporal's superior, for short SARGE
CPR experts EMTS
Cravings YENS
Creative thought IDEA
Curved part of the foot ARCH
Dish to serve dinner on PLATE
Doctor's cure REMEDY
Dough-flattening tool ROLLINGPIN
Droop, as a flower WILT
Dueler's sword EPEE
Evaluate RATE
Fishing-rod spools REELS
Fuzzy green fruit KIWI
Guys who chop down trees AXMEN
Hatchlings' homes NESTS
Clues Answers
Impolite look LEER
Jai __ ALAI
Less risky SAFER
Make a bow or knot TIE
Make a trade SWAP
Misfortune WOE
Mixes with a spoon STIRS
Moan and __ (complain) GROAN
Modest reply to a compliment ITRY
Move on all fours CREEP
Person decorating cakes ICER
Person using oars ROWER
Poker entry fees ANTES
Polishes, as a manuscript EDITS
Possessors OWNERS
Possibility CHANCE
Practice boxing SPAR
Prepares, as presents WRAPS
Resurface, as a road PAVE
Rip (up) TEAR
Round container for combining ingredients MIXINGBOWL
Saloons BARS
Season for harvesting FALL
Sensible SANE
Sheets brought to groceries LISTS
Slow-cooker meal STEW
Stately trees ELMS
Stepladder step RUNG
Support for a broken arm SLING
Urban air pollution SMOG
Use a loom WEAVE
Utensil group for slicing a turkey CARVINGSET
Very much ALOT
Wartime comrade ALLY
Weight-loss plan DIET
Women's choir voice ALTO
Wonderland girl ALICE
Works with needle and thread SEWS