Family Time - Jul 1 2019

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Clues Answers
"And there's more" ALSO
"For ___ a jolly good fellow" HES
"He's making ___, checking it ..." (2 words) ALIST
"So, there you are!" AHA
"Your turn to speak" on the radio? OVER
A type of cookie OREO
Abstract form prominent in the '60s OPART
Action or drama, e.g GENRE
Ad ___ committee HOC
Afternoon performance MATINEE
Any campaign vet POL
Any person like you PEER
Baby cow CALF
Barely achieve (with "out") EKE
Be faulty? ERR
Big name in cosmetics AVON
Biologist's eggs OVA
British head of state (2 words) PRIMEMINISTER
Cambridge campus MIT
Center of a peach PIT
Certain high school class ART
Chowed down ATE
Collar stiffener? IRON
Common lubricator OIL
Creepy look LEER
Desperate job order notation ASAP
Despondent DOLEFUL
Downloadable game, for example APP
Elite or Times Roman, for example FONT
Feeling of hunger PANG
Clues Answers
Fishing rod attachment REEL
French or Italian topping (2 words) SALADDRESSING
Groovy type of lamp LAVA
Guy from many centuries ago (2 words) CAVEMAN
Hot caramel, for example GOO
Indian dress SARI
It can be good, bad or bright IDEA
It can be in front of your house YARD
Jack Sprat avoided it FAT
Material for some chips SILICON
Nicknames for some dads POPS
Not safe, in baseball OUT
Place for treasure CHEST
Prefix with "stop" or "stick" NON
Publisher's blunder ERRATUM
Related, as a story TOLD
Run ___ of the law AFOUL
Self-defense, in court PLEA
Smelly smell ODOR
Soprano's solo in the opera ARIA
Time keeper of the human body? TOE
To and ___ FRO
Track event (2 words) SHOTPUT
Tree that's green in winter PINE
TV sitcom alien MORK
Way of carrying oneself MIEN
Way to test an engine REV
Yuletide song NOEL
___-friendly USER