New York Times - Jul 1 2019

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Clues Answers
'Absolutely, positively not!' NOSIREEBOB
'Hurry!,' on an order ASAP
'Red, white and blue' land, for short USOFA
'You're on!' DEAL
Absolute minimum LEAST
Accessing, as a password-restricted website LOGGINGINTO
Actor Guinness of 'Star Wars' ALEC
Bar request ... or hint to the letters in the circles MAKEMINEADOUBLE
Basketball's O'Neal, informally SHAQ
Be of use AVAIL
Belly aches? ULCERS
Body of water between France and Switzerland LAKEGENEVA
Broadband letters DSL
Carne ___ (burrito filler) ASADA
Cause for a dental filling CAVITY
Charge to get cash from a bank, say ATMFEE
Computer science pioneer Turing ALAN
Crew blade OAR
Dark wood EBONY
Devil-may-care HARUMSCARUM
Diamond great Ripken CAL
Disney snow queen ELSA
Dutch cheese town EDAM
Easily fooled NAIVE
Eggs for fertilization OVA
Fairy tale villain OGRE
Falsetto-voiced Muppet ELMO
Fashion line? HEM
Flying pest GNAT
For fear that LEST
G.I. garb, for short CAMO
German auto sold mainly in Europe OPEL
Gift recipient DONEE
Give personal assurance (for) VOUCH
Gives a red card, in short DQS
Going ___ (fighting) ATIT
Goodyear product TIRE
Gracefully thin SVELTE
Clues Answers
Hour after midnight ONE
Humor with a twist IRONY
Latches (onto) GLOMS
Lerner's partner on Broadway LOEWE
Love to pieces ADORE
Lunchtime, often NOON
Many flat screens HDTVS
Message-spewing program BOT
Midler of 'Beaches' BETTE
Nat ___ Wild (cable channel) GEO
Of the highest quality DELUXE
Offering from Hertz or National CAR
Overhang LEDGE
Part in a movie ROLE
Paul who played Crocodile Dundee HOGAN
Permissible LAWFUL
Petri dish medium AGAR
Pick up the tab for TREAT
Piece of lawn SOD
Quintet followed by '... and sometimes Y' AEIOU
Race, as an engine REV
Reaction to a body blow OOF
Recluse LONER
Rock drummer whose last name is the same as his band ALEXVANHALEN
Rocks sent to a refinery ORE
Run-down SEAMY
Slice of time ERA
Space ball ORB
Summer romance, perhaps FLING
The Seminoles of the A.C.C FSU
Total SUM
Touch FEEL
Town crier's cry HEARYEHEARYE
Wee bit IOTA
Wrestling maneuver HOLD
Yammer GAB
Zero, in soccer scores NIL
___ funny (genuinely humorous) HAHA
___ Jam records DEF