Family Time - Jun 30 2019

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Clues Answers
"... can ___ long way" (2 words) GOA
"Aah!" accompanier OOH
"Cognito, ___ sum" ERGO
"So long," in Rome CIAO
"Turn right" on a horse GEE
49-Down gathering grp CIA
African grazer with a beard GNU
Arch support KEYSTONE
Art of today? ARE
Authoritarian STERN
Baba of literature ALI
Be faulty? ERR
Beetle or Jaguar CAR
Better than better BEST
Bridges in movies LLOYD
Brochure's contents INFO
Bunched in with AMID
Chinese fruit (var.) LICHI
Christianity, for one RELIGION
Cold-water fishes CODS
Cookie type OREO
Do as others COPY
Easy-to-hold woodwind OBOE
Elevated, as a golf ball TEED
Empty, as a closet BARE
Evenly divided result HALF
Every 365 days YEARLY
Fire result ASH
Force unit DYNE
Grapefruit kin UGLI
Gumbo insert OKRA
Hand-shaking events DEALS
Clues Answers
Happen as a result ENSUE
Have in one's hands HOLD
In ___ of (replacing) LIEU
It listens EAR
Kickoff ONSET
Like stadiums that block rain DOMED
Like the sun BRIGHT
Long-faced and grumpy MOPY
Not even ODD
Not nigh, the opposite AFAR
Operated USED
Parting words? OBIT
Pinochle combination MELD
Play sections ACTS
Precious DEAR
Prefix meaning "new" NEO
Prepare for a selfie POSE
Priestly garb ALB
Raced RAN
Reason for a Band-Aid CUT
See things differently DISAGREE
Some gardening tools HOES
Stringed instrument of long ago LYRE
Thing taken in hockey SHOT
Type of list TODO
Type of nut LUG
Untrue stories MYTHS
Unusually ODDLY
Warm zodiac sign? LEO
Washington and ___ University LED
You, long ago THEE
Young males LADS
___ of Mexico GULF