Wall Street Journal - Jun 29 2019 - Take Two

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Clues Answers
'Chi-Raq' director LEE
'Dial ___ Murder' MFOR
'He's Got the Whole World ___ Hands' INHIS
'Madam Secretary' star LEONI
'Seinfeld' uncle LEO
'The King' ELVIS
'The Wizard of Oz' composer ARLEN
'Thimble Theatre' tyke SWEEPEA
'We've got the green light' ITSAGO
'What have we here!' OHO
2019 film role for Will Smith GENIE
Adjusted to, as a dial SETAT
Alien's opinion regarding higher education? ETONCOLLEGE
Allfather of myth ODIN
American League MVP of 1953 ALROSEN
Animal house LAIR
Apropos of INRE
Archangel called 'Regent of the Sun' in 'Paradise Lost' URIEL
Baseball's 'Ole Perfessor' STENGEL
Beverage in blue cans PEPSI
Big nights out HOTDATES
Campaigned RAN
Car care company MEINEKE
Carol's comedy co-star VICKI
Check out creepily OGLE
Clear EARN
Coated with frost RIMED
Cruise vehicle TOPGUN
Crumbles on sundaes OREOS
Debauchee ROUE
Dentist's directive RINSE
Desperate dots and dashes SOS
Detective story pioneer POE
Digging INTO
Dignitaries hosted by the secretary-general? UNINVITEDGUESTS
Drug problem BADTRIP
Earth sci GEOL
Easy marks SAPS
Emmy winner Thompson SADA
Equestrian RIDER
Exertion avoiders SLOTHS
Expertise in temperature control? ACKNOWLEDGE
Extoller of a news agency's virtues? APPRAISER
Fairy tale meanie CRONE
Father of Phobos ARES
Fattening spot FEEDLOT
Fed. aid to the disabled SSI
Finds out if one can TRIESTO
First book ABECEDARY
First grade jarful PASTE
Fourteen pounds ONESTONE
Free of guile ARTLESS
French coffee lighteners LAITS
Garfield's middle name ABRAM
Gem with a play of color OPAL
General's way of managing things? COOPERATION
Germ theory pioneer PASTEUR
Graceful dabbler SWAN
Grand Canyon of the Pacific location KAUAI
Guitar part NECK
Hawk home AERIE
Hero of Spain ELCID
Hiver's opposite ETE
Hosp. readout EEG
Ice, to the Montreal Canadiens GLACE
Insult about the 26th president's dinner habits? TREATSLIKEADOG
Isolate from others SILO
Clues Answers
Jackie's second spouse ARI
Junior's junior III
Karate move CHOP
Knee cartilage MENISCUS
Kristin's 'Wicked' co-star IDINA
Laura of 'Big Little Lies' DERN
Like much testimony SWORN
Likely loser in bridge TREY
List ending ETC
Liveliness ELAN
Low island CAY
Low laborer PEON
Low-class, in London NONU
Make sense ADDUP
Maori carving TIKI
Mess up ERR
More petite SLIGHTER
NBA great Earl MONROE
Neighborhood between Tarzana and Sherman Oaks ENCINO
Nephew of Caligula NERO
Next step up for a maj LTCOL
Ohio or Colorado: Abbr RIV
Open, say BID
Orbach's 'Law & Order' co-star BRATT
Patronizing person? CLIENT
Pay attention TUNEIN
Pay to play ANTE
Perp stunner TASER
Political analyst Jordan ELISE
Printer supply TONER
Prone to flooding, perhaps COASTAL
Quickly heating up NUKING
Reference words SEEALSO
Role for Basil and Benedict SHERLOCK
Romance cover figures, often HUNKS
Romanov ruler TSAR
Saltimbocca ingredient VEAL
Sanctify HALLOW
Santa ___ winds ANA
Saw people? APHORISTS
Sawbones DOC
Scandinavian lang NORW
Security at a media happening? PREVENTDEFENSE
Several CBS spinoffs CSIS
Shaky situation SEISM
Sister of Calliope ERATO
Small tree frog PEEPER
Smallville girl LANA
Smell awful REEK
Soldier who gets rid of little soldiers? GIANTKILLER
Spot checker? VET
Sprang LEAPT
Stable diet OATS
Strong confirmation IDIDSO
Takes the bite out of DEFANGS
The rite place ALTAR
Thurber daydreamer MITTY
Unjust handling ILLUSE
Very, in Vichy TRES
Way of speaking about the Common Era? ADDICTION
Weed whackers HOES
What the dazed are in AFOG
Winter falls SLEETS
Wolf (down) SNARF
___ Cong VIET
___ Sketch ETCHA