New York Times - Jun 28 2019

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Clues Answers
'You bet!' ISUREDO
Actress Dobrev of 'The Vampire Diaries' NINA
Any of 13 popes LEO
Become independent ... as suggested visually by some of this grid's black squares SPREADONESWINGS
Being, to Sartre ETRE
Black ___ OPS
Blandly agreeable ANODYNE
Body parts that become other body parts if you change the second letter to an A WRISTS
Briskly, to equestrians ATATROT
Canon competitor RICOH
Cereal with a Berry Berry variety KIX
Chivalrous offer ALLOWME
Chocolaty nougat-and-caramel product MARSBAR
Comical Howard MOE
Didn't end as scheduled RANLATE
Doctor TREAT
Eyes, slangily PEEPERS
Face-saving aid at a reunion NAMETAG
Features of smartphones CAMERAS
First name in game shows MERV
French article LES
French city near the Belgian border LILLE
Fun and games, informally REC
Give off EMANATE
Gulf currency DINAR
Hide seeker FURRIER
Home of Theseus ATTICA
It's a wrap SARAN
Joint PEN
Language akin to portugu├ęs ESPANOL
Like a ballet dancer LISSOME
Like much data MINED
Line setter BOOKIE
Lord of Rivendell in 'The Lord of the Rings' ELROND
Meet at the river, perhaps REGATTA
Clues Answers
Mental eccentricity ... as suggested visually by some of this grid's black squares BATSINTHEBELFRY
Ohio town that was the first permanent settlement in the state MARIETTA
Opposite of drop ADD
Physician on TV's 'Celebrity Rehab' DRDREW
Place for a retired soldier? COT
Q&A on Reddit AMA
Relative of Aunt Bee OPIE
Salon offering PERM
See 58-Down BAD
Series of ages EON
Skinny DIRT
Slammin' Sammy SNEAD
Some bow ties PASTA
Something a short driver might need? CARLOAN
Started making money as an athlete WENTPRO
Suits, briefs, etc MENSWEAR
Summer cooler ICEE
Summer cooler SNOCONE
Suspect in Clue MRGREEN
Taking action ONIT
The 'one' in 'the old one-two,' maybe LEFTJAB
Things you can get credit for APEXAMS
Tourist center handout AREAMAP
Unfavorable ADVERSE
Wallace who wrote 'Ben-Hur' LEW
Way off, say RAMP
Wheels of fortune? LIMO
Will have to face ISINFOR
With 59-Down, so-so NOT
___ Corner, section of Westminster Abbey POETS
___ Falls Convention (early women's rights gathering) SENECA
___ jacket JEAN
___ Juan SAN