New York Times - Jun 27 2019

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Clues Answers
'Game over' CHECKMATE
'Let There Be Rock' rock band ACDC
'Livin' la Vida ___' LOCA
'___ queen!' (slangy affirmative) YAS
Also mentions ADDS
Application USE
Archive STORE
Assistant in a horror film IGOR
Attempt, informally STAB
Boosts, with 'up' AMPS
Breathers LUNGS
Bring in NET
Brings in REAPS
Cajole COAX
Capital on the Mississippi STPAUL
Clear, in a way DEFOG
Confuse ADDLE
Contents of some sidebars ADS
Court locale, with 'The' HAGUE
Decorative sewing case ETUI
Detector SENSOR
Even numbers and odd numbers, in math SETS
Famous symbol of the Cold War CHECKPOINTCHARLIE
First name in fairy tales HANS
First name in morning TV HODA
Food that may be puréed for babies PEAS
Free rein BLANKC
Goals ENDS
Good gardening soil LOAM
Grammy-winning Musgraves KACEY
Home on the range TEPEE
In which good service is important TENNIS
It means nothing NIL
Kind of list TODO
Last step of a purchase CHECKOUT
Leave college early, perhaps GOPRO
Lightning Bolt USAIN
Like a leviathan HUGE
Clues Answers
Like many popular 13-Across NOCARB
Manipulator of Othello IAGO
Many a Twitter thread RANT
Medium for a model CLAY
Monopoly token replaced in 2013 by a cat IRON
Most of cornmeal STARCH
One of 24 game pieces CHECKER
One way of seeing or standing EYETOEYE
Out, as a library book ONLOAN
Outdoor retail giant REI
Platter TRAY
Preconcert job MICCHECK
Result of digitization SCAN
Showed fear, maybe RAN
Some detective fiction, informally NOIR
Source of the words 'pajama' and 'spinach' FARSI
Spouting nonsense FULLOFIT
Steven ___, secretary of energy under Obama CHU
Subjects of many nonfiction best sellers DIETS
Summon PAGE
The Big Easy NOLA
The Red Wolves of the Sun Belt Conf ASU
Tipping point? COATC
Traditional treatment for altitude sickness COCA
Vending machine directive INSERT
Western tribe UTES
What 'thrombus' means to a doctor CLOT
What apiphobes fear BEES
What the Constitution provides among the branches of government CHECKSANDBALANCES
Who has been nominated for more acting Oscars than Meryl Streep NOONE
With 39-Down, fulfill requirements ... or how to fill four of this puzzle's squares? CHECKALL
Word that can follow sea and man to make new words SCAPE
Work of Bellini or Gounod OPERA
You might take his word for it ROGET
[Things seemed to be going so well] SIGH
___ Killmonger, 'Black Panther' villain ERIK