USA Today - Aug 13 2019

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Clues Answers
''Tis a tragedy' ALAS
'By Mennen' lotion AFTA
'Frasier' brother NILES
'Quit being a wimp!' MANUP
'William Tell,' e.g OPERA
Ad-libbed singing SCAT
Alfalfa or buckwheat CROP
Bawling-out EARFUL
Big mo. for pumpkin sales OCT
Borax-hauling equines MULES
Branch offshoot TWIG
Brat's stocking stuffer COAL
Caramel-coated treat TAFFYAPPLE
Chrome corrosion RUST
Clear-thinking SANE
Coffee dispenser URN
Commando mission RAID
Complexion woes ZITS
Composer's closing bars CODA
Didn't poke along SPED
Do caricatures DRAW
Drano targets CLOGS
Dunham with two Golden Globes LENA
End a flight LAND
Event with product intros EXPO
Fallen Russian orbiter MIR
Fat-based light source TALLOWCANDLE
Feuding big-time ATWAR
For all time EVER
Gains popularity online TRENDS
Goblet feature STEM
Goes like Peter Cottontail HOPS
Gun, as a 1-Down REV
Hartnett of 'Pearl Harbor' JOSH
Hazards a guess PREDICTS
Huntsville's state ALABAMA
Ides exclamation ETTU
In a crowd of AMID
Inker's instrument TATTOONEEDLE
Clues Answers
It's under a hood MOTOR
Like a moonscape BARREN
Long lock of 15-Across TRESS
Magazines' revenue sources ADS
Mah-jongg piece TILE
Make dimmer DARKEN
Make good as new RESTORE
Many an Abu Dhabi native ARAB
Masterful maneuver COUP
More than adequately AMPLY
New England catch SCROD
Pale blue gas OZONE
Peanut or palm product OIL
Place for a stout PUB
Place of seclusion CLOISTER
Plowman's team OXEN
Pool workout units LAPS
Post-accident assurance IMOK
Quelled the munchies ATE
Quickly, to the Bard APACE
Raptor with lion-colored plumage TAWNYEAGLE
Rattler's attack BITE
React to sad news WEEP
Rocket's cargo PAYLOAD
Samson's source of strength HAIR
Sandcastle's undoing TIDE
Scot's kin CLAN
Seemingly bottomless pit ABYSS
Serpent's home in Genesis EDEN
Stones in tiaras JEWELS
Street urchin's attire RAGS
Sunroof alternative TTOP
Terrarium salamanders NEWTS
Took Lyft, say RODE
Unwilling to budge ADAMANT
Wedding site CHAPEL
When Omaha Beach was invaded DDAY
Word before life or estate REAL
___ Grey tea EARL