Wall Street Journal - Jun 27 2019 - Utterly Gorgeous

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Clues Answers
#1 bud BFF
'Ant-Man' star RUDD
'Be more prudent next time' SHOWSYOU
'No longer obsessed with what shape I'm in'? OVERMYBODY
'Right away, chief!' IMONIT
'Same for me' DITTO
'Science of Logic' philosopher HEGEL
'Someone just told me' IHEARD
'That's ___' LIFE
'The Office' receptionist after Pam ERIN
'We put the care back into car care' brand AAMCO
'Zounds!' EGADS
'___ durn tootin'!' YER
AirPods setting EARS
Allowable LICIT
Anthony Mackie's 'Avengers: Endgame' role FALCON
Ashes in a fireplace? THEGRATEFUL
Awards for some scorers OSCARS
BART can access it SFO
Big picture brand IMAX
Black Sea port, to natives ODESA
Book before Joel HOSEA
Came to AWOKE
Close in pictures GLENN
Company with a violet heart logo AETNA
Decisive trio FATES
Dent Blanche, for one ALP
Discipline AREA
Discovery deliverer CABLE
Do some roadwork TAR
Domino's delivery PIE
Dwindle FADE
Effusive exchange LOVEFEST
Fender attachment AMP
Garden crawlers SLUGS
Clues Answers
Gave up CEDED
Get physical USEFORCE
Gino Marchetti or Johnny Unitas COLT
Going rate FARE
Goldfinger portrayer Frobe GERT
Highway sign word GAS
Issue devoted to shoe protection? TREEEDITION
Land of Nod's neighbor EDEN
Like Carnaby Street garb MOD
Manipulate PLY
NAFTA signatory USA
Of inferior status DECLASSE
Olympics event since 1900 EPEE
Portend BODE
Post ___ (formulated after the fact) HOC
Red Cross work AID
Rhone fill EAU
Rice-Eccles Stadium team UTES
Roll call absentee AWOL
Series start OPENER
Small fastener BRAD
Snookums DEARIE
Some people break it CAMP
Some Yellowstone fauna ELK
Square root of quarante-neuf SEPT
Summation symbol SIGMA
Utterly (gorgeous), and a hint to this puzzle's theme DROPDEAD
Walmart's Walton SAM
Warp's counterpart WEFT
Wild party BASH
Wile E. Coyote purchase TNT
Win the human/thoroughbred race? BEATAHORSE
Without exception ALL
You pay it when you get bills ATMFEE
___ mate (tealike drink) YERBA