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Clues Answers
'... grace of God —' GOI
'180 illegal' road sign NOUTURN
'Citizen X' co-star REA
'I'm serious!' NOLIE
'Is that so!' GEE
'Judge —' (1995 film) DREDD
'McSorley's Bar' painter John SLOAN
'— diem!' CARPE
* 'Chicago' poet who worked for a rival of Revlon? CLAIROLSANDBURG
* 'Go take a nap, you Bolshevik leader'? LIEDOWNTROTSKY
* 20-season Houston Astros player who was a hot rodder? CARRACINGBIGGIO
* 2003 'American Idol' runner-up from Alberta? CALGARYAIKEN
* Co-star of 'Neighbors' with a Seussian Star-Belly? SNEETCHROGEN
* Gets hold of the singer of '(Sittin' on) The Dock of the Bay'? OBTAINSREDDING
* Novelist of 'Humboldt's Gift' imitating a beach bird? SEAGULLBELLOW
* Reply when the crooner of 'Honey' asked how he should criticize people? ROUNDLYVALLEE
121-Across off Va ATL
401(k) kin IRA
A whole lot OODLES
Acting nudge CUE
Actor Lloyd NOLAN
Aeries, e.g NESTS
Ain't correct? ISNOT
Anderson of 'The X-Files' GILLIAN
Antique auto REO
Anvil setting EAR
Ate into ERODED
Barely there phone signal ONEBAR
Basketballer Jamison ANTAWN
Beauty shop SALON
Bequeath ENDOW
Big blue expanse SKY
Big blue expanse OCEAN
Big joint HIP
Big name in ice cream EDYS
Carne — (burrito fill) ASADA
Cellar gas RADON
Certain peer EARL
Chaney of 'The Trap' LON
Clears (of) RIDS
Co-star of HBO's 'Insecure' ISSARAE
Conjecturer's words IPRESUME
Crude fluid OIL
Diana of 'West 11' DORS
Doc — (foe of Spidey) OCK
Dufy of art RAOUL
Dwindle EBB
Eagles' stats TDS
Earthling, in sci-fi TERRAN
Embellish ENHANCE
Emmy winner Michaels LORNE
Family girl NIECE
Faux — PAS
Felix played by Randall UNGER
Fewer than UNDER
Film bomb DUD
Flood control LEVEE
Frodo foe ORC
Furry Oz visitor TOTO
Garage door gadgets OPENERS
Gerund suffix ING
Gladys Knight and the Pips' 'I've Got to — Imagination' USEMY
Gold, to Luis ORO
Got closer to NEARED
Grazed (on) FED
Clues Answers
Hot coal EMBER
Ike's initials DDE
Irregularly notched EROSE
Is like a mole SPIES
Is unwell AILS
Jai — ALAI
Kelly of 'One Tree Hill' MOIRA
Lawn tidier EDGER
Left over TOSPARE
Lemon drink ADE
Like an obsessed mind ONETRACK
Like Hindi or Urdu INDIC
Like Macs NONPC
Like PCs with several peripheral hookup points MULTIPORT
Like salivary glands near ears PAROTID
London beer ALE
Many a youth TEEN
Many a youth MINOR
Many private planes CESSNAS
Med. stats. taken with arm cuffs BPS
Moderately slow tempo ANDANTE
More like baking bread's smell YEASTIER
Myanmar, previously BURMA
Non-window flight request AISLESEAT
Not as nasty NICER
Not old, in Ulm NEU
Overact EMOTE
Pastoral RURAL
Pearl holders OYSTERS
Pitcher — Nomo HIDEO
Pitti Palace's river ARNO
Prior to ERE
Pungent red roots RADISHES
Range ropes RIATAS
Restless ITCHY
Retail store starter? WAL
Rival of Ragú PREGO
Santas' aides ELVES
Savvy about ONTO
Short negligee, for short CAMI
Sleazy paper RAG
Small stream BROOK
Smitten erotically INLUST
Soap stuff LYE
Soup sample SIP
Spanish body of water LAGO
Spike in film LEE
Stable group HORSES
Sweetie, in modern lingo BAE
Taxi drivers HACKS
The Fate who cut the thread of destiny ATROPOS
The tiniest bit ATALL
Trough food SLOP
Unit of work ERG
University city in Maine ORONO
Velvet Underground singer LOUREED
Veterans STAGERS
Vital liquid BLOOD
Wall St. operator ARB
Wayward ERRANT
We, to Henri NOUS
What each guy who's an answer to a starred clue is? [hint: skip over the even letters in his first name] ODDFELLOW
Worked, as dough KNEADED
— -surface missile AIRTO
— Aviv TEL
— Paulo SAO
— petition SIGNA