Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Jul 13 2019

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Clues Answers
'It can't be!' OHNO
'Life of Pi' director Lee ANG
'The Raven' writer POE
'Topaz' author URIS
'— Three Lives' ILED
2200, to Caesar MMCC
Aachen article EIN
Amalgamated FUSED
Ambulance initials EMS
Antitoxins SERA
Band boosters AMPS
Blunder ERR
Bongo, e.g DRUM
Buddhist sect ZEN
Busy insect ANT
Census stat AGE
Computer info DATABASE
Couch potato's meal TVDINNER
Course summary SYLLABUS
Craving ITCH
Day divs HRS
Disco guy on 'The Simpsons' STU
Early Peruvians INCAS
Exotic marketplace BAZAAR
Expands a computer file UNZIPS
Fashion STYLE
Flight stat ALT
Follow TAIL
Formerly known as NEE
Gallery display ART
Clues Answers
Grate RASP
Greek islander CRETAN
Here (Fr.) ICI
Invoice fig AMT
ISP choice MSN
Justin Bieber song NEVERSAYNEVER
Kigali's country RWANDA
Knight suits ARMORS
Light beams RAYS
Lighten EASE
Lightheaded DIZZY
Ms. McEntire REBA
Nile vipers ASPS
Pantheon members GODS
PC key ESC
Place for a watch WRIST
Shakespearean heiress PORTIA
Singer Hendryx NONA
Sphinx site GIZA
Stops slouching SITSUP
Sudden plunge NOSEDIVE
Summer sign LEO
Superhero's garment CAPE
Take the wheel STEER
Tenor Enrico CARUSO
Tolkien creature ENT
Upstanding guy MENSCH
Vietnam Veterans Memorial architect MAYALIN
Vogue rival ELLE
Wee bit TAD
— song (cheaply) FORA