The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 8001

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Clues Answers
Absolute ruler DICTATOR
Assent (to) ACCEDE
Athletics event long jump
Cooking vessel STOCKPOT
Foretell PREDICT
German armoured unit PANZER
Gush; sudden burst SPURT
High ball LOB
Lack of enthusiasm APATHY
Light lava PUMICE
Lively and self-confident JAUNTY
Make a mistake ERR
Clues Answers
Mesmeriser HYPNOTIST
Mineral gem ZIRCON
Nonsense BUNKUM
Obstacle to progress sticking point
Policy of not fighting against authority NONRESISTANCE
Put out ISSUED
Series of steps STAIRS
Shopkeeper; skilled worker TRADESMAN
Supernatural; esoteric OCCULT
Total loss of hope DESPAIR
Written composition TREATISE