Wall Street Journal - Jun 24 2019 - You Can't Have Too Much Insurance

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Clues Answers
'Not a chance!' IWONT
'See ya!' CIAO
'Synecdoche' or 'onomatopoeic,' e.g. (Dental) JAWBREAKER
'We Can Do It!' riveter ROSIE
Acquisition of a DNA specimen SWAB
Action-packed sporting event (Farm) BARNBURNER
Any day now SOON
Apple desktop IMAC
Apt name for a worrier STU
Basis for some scholarships NEED
Binary DUAL
Blunder ERR
Brooklyn's ___ Island CONEY
Cogitates THINKS
Color in a Crayola eight-pack RED
Continental currency EURO
Country singer Jackson ALAN
Crucifix ROOD
Cupcake topper ICING
Decomposed ROTTED
Dungeons & Dragons brute OGRE
Dust Bowl refugee OKIE
Execute flawlessly NAIL
False friend (Medical) BACKSTABBER
Farm tool HOE
Fidel's brother RAUL
Follow as a result ENSUE
H.S. science class for college credit APBIO
Happy hour offering DRINK
Harness horse's gait TROT
Held on to KEPT
Hosp. ward with ventilators ICU
Indiscreet lover, frequently (Property) HOMEWRECKER
Innocent one BABE
Jungle creeper VINE
Kid's father RAM
Kitten cries MEWS
Lake near Buffalo ERIE
Clues Answers
Lawyer's org ABA
Letter before gamma BETA
List member ITEM
Luau location BEACH
Navel unit? INNIE
Navel unit? OUTIE
Not busy IDLE
Nursery bed CRIB
Once more AGAIN
Panache ELAN
Place for platelets BLOOD
Political refugee's request ASYLUM
Popular Brazilian destination RIO
Reef material CORAL
Reluctantly disclose ADMIT
Repertoire of abilities SKILLSET
Russell of 'The Hateful Eight' KURT
Sailors, in slang TARS
Scooby-___ DOO
Scoundrels CADS
Seasonal work TEMPJOB
Self-help category HOWTO
Sharp blow THWACK
Shortening brand CRISCO
Small plane part, for short PROP
Soft leather SUEDE
Some nest egg investments, for short IRAS
Soup-serving utensil LADLE
Strident HARSH
Suggestive dancer, say GYRATOR
Tennis great Monica with nine Grand Slam tournament wins SELES
Term of address that might be accompanied by a hat tip MAAM
Tide type NEAP
Two-masted sailboats YAWLS
Verdi opera that takes place in Egypt AIDA
Wane EBB
___ avis RARA