New York Times - Jun 24 2019

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Clues Answers
'Affliction' suffered by bracketologists MARCHMADNESS
'Affliction' suffered by clothes lovers FASHIONCRAZE
'Affliction' suffered by Fab Four devotees BEATLEMANIA
'Affliction' suffered by the winter-weary SPRINGFEVER
'Am not!' comeback ARESO
'Gone With the Wind' plantation TARA
'Quite correct' ITISSO
'Same here' ASDOI
'The Simpsons' storekeeper APU
'Well, I never!' WHATNERVE
Agcy. overseeing Rx's FDA
Amazon Echo persona ALEXA
Ankle bones TARSI
Attired CLAD
Atty.'s org ABA
Big part of a T. rex JAW
Big person on the small screen TVSTAR
Bobbed and ___ WEAVED
Brevity is said to be the soul of it WIT
Brooklyn's St. ___ College JOSEPHS
Capital of Pakistan ISLAMABAD
Child, legally speaking MINOR
Commercials ADS
Cow's sound MOO
Enjoy the taste of SAVOR
Fastener with a twist SCREW
Fill with zeal IMPASSION
Go for elected office RUN
Green stone popular in Chinese craftwork JADE
Has left the office ISOUT
Insinuates GETSAT
Japanese port of 2+ million OSAKA
Kuwaiti leader EMIR
Mail addressed to the North Pole SANTALETTERS
Clues Answers
Make peeved MIFF
Missile aimed at a bull's-eye DART
Move like a butterfly FLIT
Narrow waterway RIA
Not get caught by, as a pursuer ELUDE
Off drugs CLEAN
One in revolt REBEL
P.G.A. ___ TOUR
Patient's insurance option, for short HMO
Peace-and-quiet ordinances NOISELAWS
Person with a chrome dome BALDIE
Placed money in the bank SAVED
Prefix with air or afternoon MID
Prime draft status ONEA
Prince Charles's onetime partner, affectionately LADYDI
Quartet minus one TRIO
Removes from nursing, as a foal WEANS
Reserved in manner STAID
Scrooge MISER
Sir John of London ELTON
Small, medium or large SIZE
Spewing naughty language, as a child POTTYMOUTHED
Stole fur MINK
Talks with a gravelly voice RASPS
The fourth letter of 'circle,' but not the first HARDC
Track-and-field competitions MEETS
Triage locales, for short ERS
Tussle between wiki page modifiers EDITWAR
Vehicle that can jackknife SEMI
Villain's retreat LAIR
Weekly show with a cold open, for short SNL
What diamonds and straight-A students do SHINE
Wide-eyed AGOG
Woods who voiced Cinderella ILENE
___ California BAJA
___ stage left EXIT