The Washington Post Sunday - Jun 23 2019

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Clues Answers
'Acknowledged' NOTED
'Hold the Line' band TOTO
'I must be off!' TIMETOGO
'Later,' in Leicester TATA
'Matilda' star Wilson MARA
'Men in Black' chief ZED
'Modern Family' actress Winter ARIEL
'Obama, Clinton, ___ Join Forces to Form Nightmare Ticket' (May 2008 headline in the Onion) MCCAIN
15 Down producer OAK
Acura driven by Joan Baez? FOLKLEGEND
Ancient king, familiarly TUT
Arachnid's incubator EGGSAC
Assertive to a fault PUSHY
Bar on a train AXLE
Betrays astonishment GASPS
Big Sky Country native MONTANAN
Boot blemishes SCUFFS
Bud at a French bistro AMI
Burdensome obligation ONUS
Cabbage-like green KALE
Center of operations BASE
Certain golf event PROAM
Chrome bar addresses URLS
Circles in religious iconography HALOS
Coarse tool RASP
Cold mountain feature ICECAP
Collector's goals SETS
Concoctions with yeast ALES
Concur AGREE
Currency inscription MOTTO
D.J., Stephanie or Michelle, to Jesse, on 'Full House' NIECE
Dodge driven by Alexander Graham Bell? PHONECHARGER
Done in a careless way SLOPPY
Drag performer Edwards ALYSSA
Edit menu command PASTE
Electrical rushes SURGES
Eliciting more laughs, as Christmas sweaters UGLIER
Energy converter on a wind farm TURBINE
Enjoys big-time DIGS
Excited particles IONS
Eyebrow shape ARCH
Fitting consideration SIZE
Ford driven by Ella Fitzgerald? JAZZFUSION
Fraction of a newton DYNE
Frodo's friend SAM
Gained ground? LANDED
Hahn of radiochemistry OTTO
Has no choice MUST
Hitched WED
Holbrook of 'The Firm' HAL
Honda driven by Jackie Chan? STUNTPILOT
Horned ungulates RHINOS
Hungarians' neighbors SLOVAKS
Hyundai driven by Vladimir Horowitz? PIANOSONATA
Idolized groups ALISTS
Irritates, as by friction CHAFES
Item in a Blu-ray player DISC
Its altered DNA may be introduced in crops GMO
Jebel Nakhsh's nation QATAR
Jheri ___ (hairstyle) CURL
Kermit's salutation HIHO
Kia driven by Marilyn Horne? MEZZOFORTE
Kindergarten attendee TOT
Kurt Russell's do, once MULLET
Large enemy in 'The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion' OGRE
Leave out OMIT
Letters indicating exigency ASAP
Like Danny's visions in 'The Shining' CREEPY
Like dates, but not events EATEN
Like nerve cells with no radiating processes APOLAR
Long-eared herbivore HARE
Clues Answers
Lounge, for one ROOM
Man waiting for Godot ESTRAGON
Mitsubishi driven by Neil Armstrong? LUNARECLIPSE
More pungent, as meat GAMIER
Nangklao's kingdom SIAM
NBA center? ARENA
Never happened WASNT
New Hampshire prep school, or its town EXETER
Newspaper piece PAGE
Nissan driven by Edwin Hubble? GALAXYQUEST
Nothing but MERE
Novelist Martin AMIS
Obama's birth city HONOLULU
Old photo made on a thin sheet of metal TINTYPE
Old record label for Janet Jackson VIRGIN
One drawing lots? ARTIST
Optimistic statement ICAN
Partake of SHAREIN
Pentagon statistic AREA
Pertaining to digestion PEPTIC
Photoshop file IMAGE
Point toward AIMAT
Powerful figures in the House of al-Sabah EMIRS
Prepare, as a porter BREW
Pumped, so to speak EAGER
Reason to clear the air? SMOG
Reminder at the office POSTIT
Savvy about ONTO
Scaleless eel MORAY
Scans, as a 106 Down READS
Scrapes by, with 'out' EKES
Sealed SHUT
Sedimentary stuff SILT
Shelled invertebrate SNAIL
Showing conviction EARNEST
Singer-songwriter Angel OLSEN
Site of a bar on a train CLUBCAR
Snack for a squirrel ACORN
Snuggle NESTLE
Solitary insect, often WASP
Something dropped during a prank TROU
Still with Mickey, say CEL
Sweetener container HONEYJAR
They don't identify with the working class ELITISTS
Tommy John surgery site ELBOW
Tree in a tree lot FIR
Triathlon transports BIKES
Triton and Proteus, to Neptune MOONS
Trough spot STY
Udder protuberance TEAT
Unforeseen issue SNAG
Using devious tactics SNEAKY
Vampire Weekend frontman Koenig EZRA
Veep born in D.C ALGORE
Volkswagen driven by Jacques Cousteau? WATERBEETLE
Ward of 'CSI: NY' SELA
What a model strikes POSE
What a thumbs-up may signify YES
What you'll see when you look in the mirror GLASS
Willie Mays's 1903 RBIS
Without commitments FREE
Yang's opposite YIN
Zenith APEX
Zoologist's subjects BEASTS
___ a ball (lives it up) HAS
___ ball (toy made of rubber filaments) KOOSH
___ Bezzerides ('True Detective' detective played by Rachel McAdams) ANI
___ dispenser PEZ
___ Domini ANNO
___-watching BINGE
___/her/hers (some pronoun identifiers on social media profiles) SHE