- Jun 22 2019

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Clues Answers
''Enough talk!'' DOIT
''Jeopardy!'' champ, perforce INFOMANIAC
''When the warrior returns from the battle __'': F.S. Key AFAR
Birth name of Mrs. Soprano's portrayer EDITH
Campfire entertainment SINGALONGS
Caruso, by birth NEAPOLITAN
Center starter MESO
City between Wichita and Wichita Falls ENID
Climactic ''Back to the Future'' setting PROM
Columnist's constraint NUMLOCK
Confederate MELD
Confederate BAND
Costumier's evocation ERA
Crayfish and prawns DECAPODS
Damon, to Affleck, in the '80s CLASSMATE
Deputy's pledge IMONIT
Directors Series producer AFI
Drag through the mud, maybe WADE
Encouragement for a homer hitter TOUCHEMALL
Ending like -ary EER
Entitlement DUE
Flower of species ''odorata'' TEAROSE
Full-blown TOTAL
Grew weak WILTED
Incremental inducements SWEETENERS
Instrumentalities MEDIA
Is scaling down? MOLTS
It was cut to make pens for papyri REED
It's true DATUM
Its superlative is ''optime'' BENE
Kerry County Museum city TRALEE
Lets through OKS
Clues Answers
Lodging chain with Value Kard rewards KOA
Make a change of scene RECUT
Many an ore OXIDE
Metric prefix MILLI
Must have INSISTON
Normal state of tension TONE
Of an indeterminate moment UNDATEABLE
One may use it with reservations YELP
Prepare, as chicken stock DEFAT
Punto cardinal ESTE
Queen __ (British boarding school) ANNES
Real estate auction item TAXLIEN
Reason INFER
Romcom first encounter MEETCUTE
Roquefort and Cheddar TOPONYMS
Size or three sizes, briefly SML
Sotomayor's TV inspiration MASON
Stranger in a strange land PILGRIM
Subscription alternative ONETIMEFEE
Super __ PACS
Symbol-writing pro STENO
Thanks for a tip GOODTOKNOW
Their day has just passed DADS
They're often examined on ''Antiques Roadshow'' PATINAS
Time to sum things up POSTGAME
Totally blocked? URBAN
Two-way address MADAM
Uncoordinated treatment PAWING
What some beer is made from RYE
Whatsoever OFANYSORT
Whitman's Civil War job NURSE
Word from the Latin for ''parade'' POMP
__ blue (Roquefort relative) EWES
__ house FRAT