New York Times - Jun 21 2019

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Clues Answers
'Dominant' thing GENE
'Gracious!' EGAD
'If someone ___ careful ...' ISNT
'It wasn't my fault' DONTBEMAD
'Tom Thumb' antagonist OGRE
1/8 of a standard stick of butter: Abbr TBSP
A crowd, so to speak THREE
Aids for snoops SPYCAMS
Believe it! CREDO
Bettor's winnings POT
British philanthropist Henry TATE
Certain competition MEET
Cookout item, for short BRAT
Creaky part of a house STAIR
Cross FORD
Dining adornment DOILY
Enter one's password, maybe LOGON
Entertainer and civil rights activist Horne LENA
Expert sleuth SHERLOCK
Father of Deimos and Phobos ARES
Festive mayo day CINCO
Fleece BILK
Front part of a saddle HORN
Game with lots of instructions SIMONSAYS
Government sleuth, quaintly TMAN
Hard to grasp, say EELY
How John Glenn orbited the earth in 1962 ALONE
Instruction given through a rolled-down window GETIN
Insurance department CLAIMS
It's in the bag TEA
John Updike novel subtitled 'A Romance' MARRYME
Nail job, for short PEDI
Clues Answers
OB/GYN offering IUD
Off-the-shoulders hairstyle UPDO
Often-repeated bit of modern folklore URBANLEGEND
Org. in 'The X-Files' FBI
Owner of Bloomingdale's MACYS
Part of the eye LENS
Part of the eye UVEA
Political commentator Ezra KLEIN
Precisely ONTHEDOT
Product sold in bars SOAP
Rafael Nadal's country, in the Olympics ESP
See 37-Down TEST
Seriously bother EATAT
Sets, as a price ASKS
Shade of white BONE
Sign indicating a sign STOPAHEAD
Singer Khan CHAKA
Some commercial work VOICEOVERS
Some deer ROES
Something relatively complicated? FAMILYTREE
Ted with a cameo in the movie 'Ted' DANSON
Their pockets aren't deep PITAS
Things on the back of a computer PORTS
Turn a blind eye SEENOEVIL
Ultramodern AVANTGARDE
Wanderer's refuge OASIS
Wanders ROVES
Went after SETAT
What 'de rien' might be a response to MERCI
What vines do CREEP
Where to stick a toothpick BLT
With 49-Down, early tryout BETA
Word before and after against HOPE
Words in hide-and-seek READYORNOT
___ reflex, infant's instinctual spreading of the arms MORO