Wall Street Journal - Jun 19 2019 - Upfront

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Clues Answers
'Hey! Over here!' PSST
'Mambo De ___' (Eartha Kitt song) PAREE
'Ready?' reply IMSET
'Told ya!' KNEWIT
2% alternative WHOLE
Additional ELSE
Affirmatives in Arles OUIS
All together ENMASSE
Anatomical aperture PUPIL
Astronomical find NOVA
Bart's grampa ABE
Blues score GOAL
Bookie's charge VIG
Boxer's woe NOSEBLEED
Broadcast component VIDEO
Brownish purple PUCE
Burlesque accessories BOAS
Certain sib SIS
Chair-turning NBC show THEVOICE
Commanded, in olden days BADE
Crossword cousins ACROSTICS
Cut off END
Dermatologist's concern RASH
Elevator tunes MUZAK
Expansive view VISTA
Fitting APT
Flip ___ (decide randomly) ACOIN
Flooring material OAK
Gang member? KOOL
Head Mechanic? MIKE
Helps when one shouldn't ABETS
High-quality cotton PIMA
Honolulu beach WAIKIKI
Its flag has six stars AUSTRALIA
Jungian concept ANIMA
La Mediterranee, par exemple MER
Leave speechless STUN
Clues Answers
Make darts, say SEW
Male admirer BEAU
Melville's monomaniac AHAB
Mollusk with a spiral shell WHELK
Muay Thai weapon KNEE
News personality? HUEYLEWIS
Offspring KIDS
Old toothpaste with a beaver mascot IPANA
Org.'s kin ASSN
Pixar fish NEMO
Post-O.R. site ICU
Prefix meaning 'distinct' IDIO
Psychic skill ESP
Puzzle sol ANS
Reader of this clue YOU
Rick Blaine's old flame ILSA
Rush letters ASAP
Screwdriver, e.g DRINK
Shock, in a way TASE
Some shirts IZODS
Spud spot EYE
Stress-reducing break METIME
Subway map dot: Abbr STN
Subway map dots STOPS
Supreme being? DIANAROSS
Theorem offshoot LEMMA
They're pitched outside TENTS
To-do list item TASK
Trillion, in metric prefixes TERA
TV series focused on the Lyon family EMPIRE
Twists in flight YAWS
Wall St. debuts IPOS
Wave runner? KATRINA
What I might mean ONE
Winery sight VAT
With 39-Down, Miracle worker? SMOKEY
Words in response to a doorbell ILLGETIT