The Washington Post - Jun 18 2019

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Clues Answers
'Beauty __ the eye ... ' ISIN
'Fat chance' IBET
'Gr8 joke!' LOL
'Logically, then ... ' ERGO
'Prince Valiant' queen ALETA
'We __ Marshall': 2006 football drama ARE
*Clever twists in a story NEWWRINKLES
*Depressed, colorfully INABLUEFUNK
*Do something in a whole new way BREAKTHEMOLD
10-Down princess RANI
24 Hours of Le __: auto race MANS
Accomplish ATTAIN
Actor Dullea of '2001' films KEIR
Airline to Tel Aviv ELAL
Barely manage EKEBY
Bond order MARTINI
Bourbon __ STREET
Camp shelter TENT
Capture the first piece in chess, typically WINAPAWN
Chinese-born architect I.M. __ PEI
Chipped in a chip ANTED
Club used for chipping IRON
Completely flummoxed ATALOSS
Consume EAT
Defense acronym NATO
Dictation takers STENOS
Diwali celebrant HINDU
Doofus DOLT
Fargo's state: Abbr NDAK
Fish caught in pots EELS
Frantically AMOK
Gallery event SHOW
Geological age AEON
Half a sestet, in an Italian sonnet TERCET
Highway toll, e.g USERFEE
Hosp. brain tests EEGS
Indian nurse AMAH
Lauder with fragrances ESTEE
Clues Answers
Legal conclusion? ESE
Like a good-sized garage TWOCAR
Like dried soil CAKY
Line of work: Abbr OCC
Look at creepily OGLE
Mont Blanc, e.g ALP
Most burger meat BEEF
Mother of Castor and Pollux LEDA
Movie reviewer's warning ... or what the last words of each starred answer can be? SPOILERALERT
Narc's org DEA
Native Nebraskan OTOE
Natural wound protection SCAB
Negatively charged particles ANIONS
Nissan brand relaunched in 2013 DATSUN
Not supportin' AGIN
One lacking pigment ALBINO
Out in front AHEAD
Prom queen's crown TIARA
Sched. uncertainty TBA
Scottish hillside BRAE
Semisoft cheeses GOUDAS
Shock, as a perp TASE
Slight advantage EDGE
Smooth and glossy SLEEK
Soul singer James ETTA
Summer in Lyon ETE
Swats on the rear SPANKS
Take off the top SKIM
Teachers' org NEA
Train wheel guide RAIL
Treatment for swelling ICEPACK
Trig function COSEC
Window cooling units, briefly ACS
Words of regret, perhaps IFEELBAD
Yesterday, on the French Riviera HIER
__ Field: Mets' ballpark CITI
__ of the above NONE