New York Times - Jun 18 2019

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Clues Answers
'Bon' word MOT
'___ and the Flash' (2015 Meryl Streep movie) RICKI
After-Christmas event SALE
Afternoon affair TEA
Assembles MEETS
Attach, as a button SEWON
Audre Lorde or Lord Byron POET
Autobiography of a 'Star Trek' doctor? BEINGMCCOY
Bemoan RUE
Birthstone for some Scorpios TOPAZ
Bleacher feature TIER
Brand of cooking spray PAM
Bygone street sound CLIPCLOP
Double-apostrophe contraction IDVE
End of a sweet drink? ADE
English class assignment ESSAY
Family girl NIECE
Film star Danny hurriedly leaving the set? RUNAWAYMCBRIDE
Five Nations tribe SENECA
Give off EMIT
Got along FARED
Help film star Steve recover from an action sequence? ICEMCQUEEN
Impetuous HASTY
Improper application MISUSE
It might sit on a sill to cool PIE
Jumbo combatants SUMOS
Justin Trudeau's party: Abbr LIB
Kill off a major 'Back to the Future' character? SACRIFICEMCFLY
Kind of boom SONIC
Lament about one's sorry appearance IMAMESS
Languish PINE
Like an arm that's been slept on too long NUMB
Like some fertilizer PEATY
Losing casino roll CRAP
Lunch meat HAM
Man in a cast ACTOR
Marine menace ORCA
Mates for does HARTS
Clues Answers
Mayberry sot OTIS
Medit. country ISR
Mental flash IDEA
Neighbor of Borneo SUMATRA
New Mexico's state flower YUCCA
New York's ___ Planetarium HAYDEN
Niacin and riboflavin BVITAMINS
No longer plagued by RIDOF
Number of words in the shortest verse in the Bible (John 11:35) TWO
Old Italian capital LIRE
Org. associated with the Westminster show AKC
Ouzo flavor ANISE
Pal for Pierre AMI
Part of a baker's dozen DONUT
Pilot's problem YAW
Restaurant with small dishes TAPASBAR
Sch. on the bank of the Charles MIT
Science class adjuncts LABS
Scrabble 10-pointers ZEES
Show sorrow CRY
Singer Brooks GARTH
Singer Carey MARIAH
Some 'traditional' investments, for short IRAS
Something to watch on the telly, with 'the' BEEB
Spinning AREEL
Stocking material NET
Stone-faced STOIC
Tough watchdog AKITA
Typesetter's choice FONT
Tyrannical HARSH
Unlikely to cause controversy SAFE
Unpaid factory worker ROBOT
Wildly improbable goal PIPEDREAM
Zero NIL
___ Aziz, Iraq War figure TARIQ
___ Lilly & Co ELI