The Guardian - Quiptic crossword No 1,022 - Jun 18 2019

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Clues Answers
Be embarrassed to join Labour? TURNRED
Beautiful sweetheart is ticklish, a bit! ARTISTIC
Beginning of symphony in C minor turned bloody CRIMSON
Blown up grenade left in pieces ENLARGED
Cast thereupon to hell — I don't believe you! PULLTHEOTHERONE
Change position with Matilda among swaying trees RESITE
Crack open the port SPLIT
Exemplary heads in charge or not in charge ICONIC
Exhausts puss interfering with EU USESUP
Firm or round boobs ROBUST
Fish get these on in a hurry SKATES
In a pub (and continent), being 24 APHASIA
It gnaws in its lair, surrounded by rubbish RODENT
Joke man is offensive PUNGENT
Clues Answers
Mother may be boss SUPERIOR
Nice sea song for fishmonger, perhaps MERCHANT
No longer given punishment around prisoner's quarters CANCELLED
Oddly no cruet for table COUNTER
Penniless in Pembrokeshire BROKE
Popular teams showing guts INSIDES
Raid ordered daily without purpose ADRIFT
Real hot Rolling Stone! HONEST
Senior common room initially admits greeting Spanish academic SCHOLAR
Shocks US backed leader of rebel forces SURPRISES
Stunned Solo of Star Wars crashed around the world's end (2,1,4,3,5) ATALOSSFORWORDS
Suppliers of milkshakes not keeping quiet UDDERS
Suppressed laugh from revolutionary accepting bad luck CHUCKLE
The wounded, removing constraints, relaxed CASUAL