The Washington Post Sunday - Jun 16 2019

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Clues Answers
$1 coin, in Canada LOONIE
'Crash and Burn' singer Thomas RHETT
'Holy Moses!' EGAD
'Let's do it!' SURE
'N or M?' author Christie AGATHA
'Napoleon Dynamite' character played by Tina Majorino DEB
'Robot Carnival' genre ANIME
'Seems to me ...' IRECKON
'Stop, ye scurvy dogs!' AVAST
'Taxi' actress Henner MARILU
'The County Chairman' playwright George ADE
'The Dude ___' ('The Big Lebowski' line) ABIDES
'What Part of No' singer Morgan LORRIE
'___ then!' UNTIL
7 Across and others DIETS
Africa's first republic LIBERIA
Ambulance rider, briefly EMT
Angry with MADAT
Apollo Victoria ___ (London performing arts venue) THEATRE
Attorney's charges FEES
Become attentive ASAP SNAPTO
Bee with no stinger DRONE
Big portion of meat SLAB
Big wheel eponym FERRIS
Black wood distillate TAR
Boots from Columbia, say EXPELS
Butterfingers OAF
Caboose's place REAR
Caesar wrap TOGA
Car loan fig APR
Carpenter who built a big fan following KAREN
Catherine born in 1512 PARR
Celtic ___ (instrument) HARP
Certain maze solver RAT
City-sacking god in Hesiod's 'Theogony' ARES
Cold-shoulders SPURNS
Counterfeit FAKE
Coup for Serena Williams ACE
Dark smudges BLOTS
Destructive event of 2011 (Pennsylvania) HURRICANEIRENE
Deteriorate ROT
Developed AROSE
Device for da Vinci EASEL
Dramatic work, maybe OPERA
Embryo sac holder OVULE
Engage in mythomania LIE
Enraged crowd MOB
Eternally, poetically EER
Events with blue books FINALS
Exploit USE
Feature in a big way? IMAX
Feel horrible about RUE
French city on the Orne CAEN
Frozen asset in the tourism industry? ICECASTLE
Gravelly tone quality RASP
Halogen in disinfectants IODINE
High-quality DELUXE
Horned grazer RAM
How to confront some problems HEADON
Informal term for the I.T. team member with the most expertise ALPHAGEEK
Initials of uncertainty TBD
Ipso ___ FACTO
Items stocked in a bomb shelter (Utah) CANNEDGOODS
Jacuzzi spot SPA
Jonathan Van ___, grooming expert on 'Queer Eye' NESS
Lead, e.g. (Arizona) BASEMETAL
Like some codes PENAL
Like Wrigley's walls IVIED
Mall cop of film PAULBLART
Manger equine ASS
Clues Answers
Martial arts great Bruce LEE
Military trainee CADET
Military trainee PLEBE
Millennial turning point ONEBC
Musically angsty EMO
Narrow-necked pears BOSCS
Nonfiction book by Stephen King about the history of the horror genre (Iowa) DANSEMACABRE
North African coastal area that served as a naval battleground during the First Barbary War (Hawaii) TRIPOLIHARBOR
notes u may type 2 ur bffs IMS
Oceanus watchmaker CASIO
Org. for Devil Dogs USMARINES
Picked up aurally HEARD
Pieces written by politicians, perhaps OPEDS
Pink-slipped AXED
Poet who traveled in circles DANTE
Poetry slam seat, maybe STOOL
Proposes POSITS
Put to shame ABASH
Recess by a transept APSE
Regulatory molecule RNA
Relieves EASES
Reptile carrying the four elephants that hold up Discworld TURTLE
Response to 'Am so!' ARENOT
Restriction in some courtrooms (Georgia) NOCAMERAS
Rogue creator NISSAN
Samsung laptops, e.g PCS
Schnauzer's snarl GRR
Scoop group MEDIA
Ships out SENDS
Signaling, backstage CUING
Silicon Forest's state OREGON
Small school member TETRA
Spiked drink at some holiday parties NOG
Spills (over) SLOPS
Steelmaking need ORE
Strip over one who's nude CENSORBAR
Strong pocket holding, in Texas hold 'em PAIR
Structures for troops FORTS
Subj. for some refugees ESL
Target of sequencing GENE
Telluride automaker KIA
Thunderstruck AWED
Title for Ohio politico John from 2011 to 2019 (Ohio) GOVERNORKASICH
Treats by the fire SMORES
Trees with pale bark BALSAS
Trendy food regimen allegedly modeled after that of early humans PALEO
Triple-jump component HOP
Try to get GOFOR
TV character who once fantasized about eating the moon because it resembled his favorite snack (Alaska) COOKIEMONSTER
Twins great Tony OLIVA
Twins' or Yanks' rivals SOX
Unmitigated SHEER
Updated, as pages REFRESHED
Utilizes FaceTime, say CHATS
Utterance in a hot tub AAH
Venerating work ODE
Victorian ___ ERA
Was garrulous RANON
Washing machine cycle RINSE
What bouncers request IDS
Where a single day lasts 243 Earth days VENUS
Wiest of 'Parenthood' DIANNE
World Cup chant OLE
Young, wild canine FOXCUB
Youth league descriptor PEEWEE
___ by ___ SIDE
___ cavity (mouth) ORAL
___ de gallo PICO
___ mode ALA