The Washington Post - Jun 16 2019

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Clues Answers
'CSI' actress Helgenberger MARG
'I might' MAYBE
'I'll skip it, thanks'? PASSWORDS
'Impressive!' NICE
'Solve or spin?' host SAJAK
'The Trial' author KAFKA
'Top Hat' studio RKO
'What __ the odds?!' ARE
'__ for Alibi': Grafton novel AIS
1977 Steely Dan album AJA
A chamber work by Louis Spohr was the first to bear this title NONET
Acquire GET
Actress Samantha EGGAR
Already acquired HAS
Apt rhyme for 'eye' STYE
Area below Greenwich Village SOHO
As far down as it's been ATALOW
Bad mark DEE
Bank heist unit THOU
Bar order BUD
Barely made it, with 'by' EKED
Bars on the road AXLES
Basic security feature LATCH
Battle zone journalist EMBED
Bearded bovine GNU
Best way to play, teamwise ASAUNIT
Bide one's time during, as a storm WAITOUT
Bk. after Genesis EXOD
Board game with a lawsuit card LIFE
Cafeteria staples TRAYS
Candy heart words ILUVU
Car battery pioneer DELCO
Castle defense MOAT
Cellphone group pic, in slang WEFIE
City west of Boise NAMPA
Composer Bartók BELA
Configuration FORMAT
Cookie recipe? BATCHFILE
Cooks in oil SAUTES
Corporate agreement finalizer SEAL
Courier alternative ARIAL
Crescent-shaped LUNATE
Deceptively convincing SPECIOUS
Devious intentions PLOTS
Eponymous chair maker EAMES
Equivalent of neener NYAH
European perch REDFIN
Fishing __ ROD
Fords whose initials didn't actually stand for anything LTDS
Garlic unit CLOVE
Get clean BATHE
Go out on the beach? EBB
Go right to the top? PRAY
Graph's depiction TREND
Gum source CHICLE
Happens ARISES
Hesitates FALTERS
How tour groups move ENMASSE
Involuntary habit TIC
Jennyanydots' creator ELIOT
Jobs before the main job PREPS
Just not done TABOO
Land with a 59-Across REELIN
Lead-in for worm EAR
Like arguments no longer worth having MOOT
Like many shakes CREAMY
Locomotive compartment CAB
Macy's div., e.g DEPT
Mayall of 'Drop Dead Fred' RIK
Clues Answers
Mazda two-seater MIATA
Medium power? ESP
Meteorologist's rainfall prediction measure? CLOUDSTORAGE
Michelob diet beers ULTRAS
Military rookie CADET
Monetary promises IOUS
Ms. __-Man PAC
Much ado about nothing BLUSTER
Musical symbols CLEFS
New beginning NEO
New newts EFTS
Next to nothing? CENT
Nonfiction piece ESSAY
Not often seen RARE
Not quite first-stringers BTEAM
On its way SENT
One of Mary Stuart's people SCOT
Org. with a two-leaved flower logo EPA
Overly showy GAUDY
Pakistan's longest river INDUS
Part of a parallel parking lesson? BACKUPPROCEDURE
PC scrolling key PGDN
Pet store array CAGES
Phrase on a menu ALA
Pleasing application ALOE
Poe title stowaway PYM
Poirot's note-to-self about locating the Orient Express murder weapon? SEARCHENGINE
Prefix with tourist ECO
Pretty pitcher EWER
Q.E.D. word ERAT
Really enjoy LAPUP
Redundant modifier of 'bit' TEENY
Renaissance __ FAIRE
Rule violations ABUSES
Save, as money SOCKAWAY
Sch. in Manhattan KANSASST
Schulz's 'psychiatric help' dispenser LUCY
Sealskin boot MUKLUK
Shore bird ERN
Skier's aid TBAR
Small cut SNIP
Snippy return SASS
Soft shoes MOCS
Springfield bar MOES
Starbucks order DECAF
Stats for NFL defensive linemen SACKS
Stooge laugh NYUK
Swinging-doors site SALOON
Tar Heel State campus ELON
Tax-evasion agts TMEN
Tide table? FLOWCHART
Times to prepare EVES
Tot's scrape OWIE
Travelers celebrated annually THEMAGI
Trying to break a tie, briefly INOT
Turow memoir ONEL
Upbeat ROSY
USN rank ENS
W. Coast's 101, e.g RTE
Weeper of myth NIOBE
West Coast surfing mecca MALIBU
What a jittery camera operator may be having? TROUBLESHOOTING
What most do in class TAKENOTES
When one might have a late lunch ATTWO
Where Zeno taught ELEA
Wind similar to a piccolo FIFE
Workout wt TENLB
Wrinkly-faced dog PUG
Youngster BOY