Family Time - Jun 16 2019

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Clues Answers
63,360 inches MILE
Applies lightly, as paint DABS
Arm bone ULNA
Average Joe SCHMOE
Bank offering IRA
Boxing official REF
Bring on new employees HIRE
Cafe ___ (black coffee) NOIR
Church caretaker SEXTON
Code word for "A" ALFA
Cue with six pips DIE
Dinner crumb ORT
Doesn't take no for an answer INSISTS
Drill insert BIT
Drove too fast SPED
Fa-la link on a musical scale SOL
Feel unwell AIL
Flea's favorite comedian? (2 words) CARROTHOP
Flea's TV attachment? (3 words) SETHOPBOX
Goldfish, sometimes PET
Goopy hair application GEL
Grapefruit relative UGLI
Greasy, as a salad OILY
Had cake, cookies and ice cream ATE
Have a smart mouth SASS
Hen's output EGG
Here-there link NOR
Husband-to-be FIANCE
Like a bunny's spy stuff? (2 words) HOPSECRET
Like caramel candy GOOEY
Made cutting comments SNIPED
Not diluted at all PURE
Clues Answers
Nullify UNDO
Place for a belt HIP
Place to dock a boat PIER
Pothole sites (Abbr.) STS
Priestly clothing articles ALBS
Prior to, poetically AFORE
Put grease on axles LUBE
Put on, as makeup APPLY
Quitter's cry UNCLE
Refines metal SMELTS
Relating to one's ear OTIC
Requiring medical attention ILL
Rubik's thing CUBE
Saturn vehicles? UFOS
Send forth, as lava EMIT
Sing with closed lips HUM
Sis' sibling BRO
Slice, as branches LOP
Some measurements LENGTHS
Some Olympic racers SLEDS
Some shady trees ELMS
Spanish two DOS
Tax expert (Abbr.) CPA
Type of boots in the '70s GOGO
U-turn from midnight NOON
Walked heavily TROD
What rich bunnies enjoy? (3 words) LIFEONHOP
Word with "Domini" ANNO
___ cotta TERRA
___-Wan of "Star Wars" OBI
____ Alamos, NM LOS