New York Times - Jun 16 2019

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Clues Answers
'Lord, show me ___' ASIGN
'My Neighbor ___,' acclaimed animated film from Hayao Miyazaki TOTORO
'Pick me! Pick me!' OHOHOH
'Yeah, whatever' SURE
'You listening?' HEARME
2019, zodiacally YEAROFTHEPIG
A ___ (based on logic) PRIORI
Access with a password LOGONTO
Afrique du ___ SUD
Agcy. created after the Manhattan Project AEC
An Emmy is awarded for the best one DRAMASERIES
Apple Store purchase IPHONECASE
Arcade game based on a film of the same name TRON
Attacks vigorously HASAT
Auditorium section beneath the balcony PARTERRE
Bank takeback REPO
Begets SIRES
Between: Fr ENTRE
Brave deeds celebrated in verse GESTES
Bright shade of red FIREENGINE
Bundle SHEAF
Buzzer beater? FLYSWATTER
Cable inits. for cinephiles TMC
Call of the wild ROAR
Calle ___, landmark street in Miami's Little Havana OCHO
Casino attraction THESLOTS
Catch a break? SURF
Classic play with a Delphic oracle OEDIPUSREX
Clothes dryer attachment VENT
Co-owner of Paddy's Pub on 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' DENNIS
Coaches TUTORS
Cocktail of tequila and grapefruit soda PALOMA
Complete fool ASSHAT
Dates not found on the calendar TRYSTS
Delta Air Lines hub SEATAC
Desiccated BONEDRY
Embarrassing sound when bending over RIP
Face-to-face interaction? SKYPECALL
Finish with ENDIN
Fruits baked in wine PEARS
Getting up there OLDISH
Goldman ___ SACHS
Great work OPUS
Greek goddess of the moon SELENE
Having locks TRESSED
Heather has two, in a children's book title MOMMIES
Holders of tiny mirrors COMPACTS
Hot sauce TABASCO
Inferior deities DAEMONS
Internet ___ ERA
It makes the earth turn HOE
It might require a quick check SPEEDCHESS
It was first officially designated in a 1966 Lyndon Johnson proclamation FATHERSDAY
It's seen near Pennsylvania Avenue SHORTLINE
Kid around JOSH
Kind of conservative FISCAL
Kitchen cabinet PANTRY
Like Earth's orbit ELLIPTIC
Clues Answers
Load TON
Major academic achievements PHDS
Male swan COB
Many a local volunteer RETIREE
Many action movie villains TERRORISTS
Meanspirited person CHURL
Mine entrance ADIT
Muslim niqab, e.g FACEVEIL
N.Y.U.'s ___ School of the Arts TISCH
Nascar mishap SPINOUT
Negatively charged ANIONIC
No longer interested OVERIT
Not loose UPTIGHT
Number one on Rolling Stone's '100 Greatest Pop Songs' list YESTERDAY
One taking the bait FISH
Onetime U.S. soccer prodigy Freddy ADU
Oppositely VICEVERSA
Org. for the Vegas Golden Knights NHL
Oscar winner Jared LETO
Part of a Twitter page BIO
Parts of a college app RECS
Parts of bluffs CRAGS
Police, slangily FIVEO
Polite CIVIL
Post office? NEWSROOM
Private instructor: Abbr SGT
Promote TOUT
Puckered fabric PLISSE
Put forward ASSERTED
Put side by side APPOSE
Recite from memory RATTLEOFF
Repeats mindlessly PARROTS
Risk taker DARER
Sauce traditionally prepared in a mortar PESTO
Scam artist HOAXER
Sci-fi weapon RAY
Sinclair Lewis novel for which he received (but declined) the Pulitzer Prize ARROWSMITH
Something to champ at THEBIT
Specious arguer SOPHIST
Standard Windows typeface ARIAL
Star treatment VENERATION
Static, as an exercise ISOMETRIC
Tapped, as a cigarette ASHED
The 'Tullius' of Marcus Tullius Cicero NOMEN
The birds and the bees, e.g FAUNA
They're found among the reeds OBOISTS
Thomas Aquinas and others, philosophically SCHOLASTICS
Ticker symbol? HEARTEMOJI
Tied the knot GOTHITCHED
Traces left by burning candles DRIPS
Weapon with a distinctive hum LIGHTSABER
What 'accommodate' is often inaccurately spelled with ONEC
What studies show that men do more than women, conversationally INTERRUPT
White coat FROST
Without profit ATCOST
Word before web or chocolate DARK
World's largest cosmetics company LOREAL
___ Dew (stylized brand name) MTN