The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 3,006 - Jun 2 2019

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Clues Answers
A pint then? Absolutely! NOTHALF
Advice, say, to ignore a drunk TIPSY
After turn of century, end possible contract NOTRUMP
Attempt to grasp old play such as Othello TRAGEDY
Awfully cheap, dime charged IMPEACHED
Belief does, perhaps, start to come back CREED
Choice in flower for supporter DEVOTEE
Cold, wild nature in mythological creature CENTAUR
Fairly insignificant about king appearing too cute PRETTYPRETTY
Food store enticed sales all over the shop DELICATESSEN
Forbidden word of appreciation: I don't like that! TABOO
Herb consumed by personage, routinely passed to the left OREGANO
Hold me aloft and prepare for crash landing! EMBRACE
Last of clues penned by better user of wordplay PUNSTER
Clues Answers
Lover -- or crush? SQUEEZE
Refuse unit of column in flier CHAFFINCH
Rusty saw DATED
Scary part of book, relaxing SPINECHILLING
Scenting nothing evidently, one kept quiet NOISELESS
Spear papers in river TRIDENT
Story a nobleman recited ACCOUNT
Sweet dancer PAVLOVA
Ted isn't merry, he looks down in the mouth DENTIST
This shows acid, or tin compounds INDICATOR
Ultimately, lucrative work bagged by fat cat LEOPARD
Uncoil convoluted thread initially to produce design on floor material LINOCUT
Unkind pushing face into grotesque container INCONSIDERATE
Whiskey or biscuit in French house? BOURBON