Universal - Jun 15 2019

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Clues Answers
"Act your ___!" AGE
"Be right there!" INASEC
"Hold it!" STOP
"It remains to be ___" SEEN
"Like I would ever!" ASIF
"Of Thee ___" (Gershwin musical) ISING
"What's My Line?" panelist Francis ARLENE
"___ had enough!" IVE
*Grizzly or Kodiak BROWNBEAR
*It's constantly changing TRAFFICLIGHT
*Unassuming existence QUIETLIFE
*What those who agree are of ONEMIND
2019 Uber event: Abbr IPO
411 INFO
A flat's equivalent GSHARP
A rhetorical question doesn't ask for one ANSWER
Acronymic sandwiches BLTS
Actors who overact HAMS
Astronaut's domain SPACE
Bahamas capital NASSAU
Bean curd TOFU
Beyond the expected run-time LONG
Big party FIESTA
Cajun vegetable OKRA
Cup, for a pint HALF
Devonshire cream feature CLOT
Dockside platform PIER
Drone's obstacle, maybe TREE
Editor's repeal STET
Expulsion OUSTER
Fall ___ place INTO
Force an agreement, or what the starred answers' ends complete (Hint: Imagine this answer's first two words in quotes!) BRINGTOTERMS
Fragment PIECE
Freezing over ICINGUP
Grain husks CHAFF
Hit the sack RETIRE
Hit with a water gun SQUIRT
Ice hockey venues ARENAS
Clues Answers
Interplanetary visitors, briefly ETS
James Corden's network CBS
Letters near a padlock in an address bar HTTPS
Lunar ___ ECLIPSE
Maidens in Greek myth NYMPHS
Make a buck EARN
Message board admin SYSOP
Mount in Greek myth OSSA
Mud marking SMEAR
Not as loud SOFTER
Old Italian money LIRA
Palindromic Genesis woman EVE
Paranormal claim, for short ESP
Pear-shaped instrument LUTE
Plant's anchor ROOT
Postpunk genre GOTH
Pouring sound GLUG
Powdery residue ASH
Pupil-washing device EYECUP
R&B singer Braxton TRACI
Reveille horn BUGLE
Round gasket ORING
Rush job letters ASAP
Scottish property owner LAIRD
Sharkey's rank, in a '70s sitcom CPO
Smooth engine sound HUM
Sports car roof options TTOPS
Sweet-talk FLATTER
Target of Michelle Obama's "Let's Move!" campaign OBESITY
That thing's ITS
They're sold in cartons EGGS
Thighbone FEMUR
Tide type NEAP
Weasel kin FERRET
Wizard of odds BOOKIE
Word with "fee" or "ID" USER
___ and downs UPS