- Jun 15 2019

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Clues Answers
''Caffeine free'' Pez flavor COLA
''Them that asks no questions isn't told __'': Kipling ALIE
''You snooze, you lose'' TOOBAD
Amazon user EEL
As it happens ONLIVE
Assign TASK
Audubon Society array AVIFAUNA
Callas' last stage role TOSCA
Close __ ONE
Close-knit group TRIBE
Coffee-flavored sponge cake MOKATINE
Common Napoleonic soldier LANCER
Confederacy LEAGUE
Cowboys compete there NFC
Crest APEX
Dormant no longer ASTIR
Drive a wedge between ESTRANGE
Egypt's canine-head god ANUBIS
Expanse including Vegas MOJAVE
Give access to LETAT
Glance by a ball CAROM
Half a court pairing SNEAKER
Handled carelessly MAULED
Harvester documents LEASES
Home of NAPA
It first expanded to the US in 1924 NHL
Key donors ANGELS
King's rabbit chaser CUJO
Kite flier's accessory REEL
Kool-Aid measure SCOOPFUL
Lack of pitching ability TINEAR
Lamentation PLAINT
Least newsworthy STALEST
Clues Answers
Master seamen, in Canada NCOS
Metaphor for tendencies TIDES
Mogul Empire capital after Lahore DELHI
Morsel TAD
Most of Earth's volume MANTLE
Motherboard's heat sink, e.g RADIATOR
Noggin NOB
One of the arts DRAMA
Orthodox PROPER
Part of every Julian month IDES
Pick up LEARN
Prairie wanderer DOGIE
Prattle YAK
Prevented from littering SPAYED
Protector of sheep from coyotes LLAMA
Pueblo raiders of old UTE
Readily comprehended LUCID
Retailer with Gold Rush origins MACY
Shimmer mercurially OPALESCE
Sites for retaining walls TERRACES
Smart, for short GLAM
Source for vanilla ORCHID
Southernmost OPEC member ANGOLA
Spot marked by ''X,'' maybe ERROR
Stepford creator IRALEVIN
Suitable for baby food, say MASHED
Talk Like a Pirate Day prop SPYGLASS
Talk Like a Pirate Day shout LANDHO
Trumpet EXTOL
Vegas' Graceland and Cupid's CHAPELS
Wartime bridge builder SEABEE
Was up in the air PLANED
What Icarus tried to fly away from CRETE
Word from the Sicilian for ''swagger'' MAFIA