Wall Street Journal - Jun 15 2019 - Makeshift

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Clues Answers
'Amazing' magician RANDI
'Comprende?' SEE
'Dancing Queen' quartet ABBA
'How the Other Half Lives' photojournalist RIIS
'Just kidding' indication WINK
'Musical fruit,' if you've 106-Across BANES
'Who is 't can ___ woman?': Cymbeline READA
'___ Was a Lady' (Ann Miller movie) EADIE
1985 Marty Stuart song ARLENE
Afflicts AILS
Amazement AWE
Angst, if you've 23-Across DARED
Antipasto item OLIVE
Apples and oranges, say TREES
Approval, so to speak THENOD
Aqua Velva alternative AFTA
Athlete's snack ENERGYBAR
Attitude reversal CHANGEOFHEART
Back talk SASS
Baseball great Sandberg RYNE
Beast of burden ASS
Belligerent behavior, to Brits AGGRO
Big show EXPO
Birch relative ALDER
Bleacher feature TIER
Brest bestie AMI
Burn balm ALOE
Calder creation STABILE
Canonized 5th-century pope STLEO
Certain NCOs SGTS
Clayey soils MARLS
Clear RID
Collision-repair franchise MAACO
Common conjunction NOR
Comparable thing ANALOG
Contemptuous look SNEER
Cornerstone abbr ESTAB
Creating controversy STIRRINGTHEPOT
Cultural Revolution leader MAO
Dangerous spot BRINK
Dark, gloomy rock genre GOTH
Devil's playground? RINK
Diet that shuns dairy and sugar PALEO
Doesn't keep ROTS
Earthworm's bristle SETA
Equally balanced EVEN
Everlasting, in odes ETERNE
Fast move? RELO
Flu symptoms ACHES
Game-winning cry GIN
Gangster's gun GAT
Gastronome's delight EATING
Gilbert & Sullivan princess IDA
H.S. health course SEXED
Have ___ with (know somebody) ANIN
Health insurance giant CIGNA
Heretofore ASYET
Hot under the collar SORE
In style MODISH
It may be worn on a road trip TIRE
Italian restaurant TRATTORIA
Keats concern METER
Kind of RATHER
Clues Answers
Knock off CEASE
Lee with a pair of Oscars ANG
Let up EASED
Letter after alef and bet GIMEL
Like Snow White, vis-a-vis the queen FAIRER
Limerick language ERSE
Lively, on a score: Abbr ANIM
Long in the Pro Football Hall of Fame HOWIE
Longest river entirely within Switzerland AARE
Longtime senator Cranston ALAN
Look up to ADMIRE
Many Fla. residents SRS
Many wines REDS
Marijuana, if you're 34-Across OPED
Martial arts masters SENSEIS
Middle, if you have a 49-Across RECENT
Most likely to burn, perhaps PALEST
On vacation AWAY
Overworked STALE
Patsy's 'Absolutely Fabulous' pal EDINA
Peak between Pelion and Olympus OSSA
Peter and Paul, e.g TSARS
Petty sum TWOBITS
Pigeon or dove COOER
Plot line AXIS
Point of dining? TINE
Porter's '___ Kick Out of You' IGETA
Price part CENTS
Protestant denom EPISC
Reaches perfection RIPENS
Receded EBBED
Results of some bargaining PLEAS
Risk region ASIA
Robert of 'The Sopranos' ILER
Room rate including meals HOTELPLAN
Rum cocktail MAITAI
Sales booths KIOSKS
Salon stock TINTS
Secret store STASH
Severely criticizes RIPS
Situation after a leadoff double ONEON
Spare parts? PINS
Speaker who carried a big bat? TRIS
Starting a conversation, perhaps BREAKINGTHEICE
Starting point BASIS
Strip of wood LATH
Sultan Qaboos's subjects OMANIS
Summit, in combinations ACRO
Synagogue quorum MINYAN
They're in need of refinement ORES
Till bill FIVE
To a much greater degree FARMORE
Traffic stopper NARC
Trash compactor of film WALLE
Treasure State's capital HELENA
Trendy antioxidant ACAI
Unpaid debt ARREAR
Urges on, if you've 73-Across SIMPLE
Volcanic fallout ASH
Warm, so to speak NEAR
Winter coat, if you're 90-Across MIRE
Writer LeShan EDA
___ Lingus AER
___ nous ENTRE
___ Vegans LAS